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Men’s soccer draws Denver in double OT

TU sports journalist Brayden McCoy captures all the action from the Golden Hurricane’s gritty 1-1 stalemate at home against the Pioneers.

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, the TU Men’s Soccer Team played the Denver Pioneers. The match was long and brutal, with two 10-minute extensions. While it ultimately ended in a draw, the battle to that conclusion was grueling.

The first goal came from Denver’s Preston Judd who made a shot from 16 yards out around two defenders less than five minutes into the second half. This goal broke the back and forth pattern of the match and forced the Golden Hurricane briefly go on the defensive. But this was not to last. Tulsa switched gears and had a new boost of energy and relentlessly threw themselves into each opportunity desperately looking for a chance.

Over all, the first half felt much longer than usual with a tedious back and forth for most of the half, despite TU’s persistent attack. There were few changes of pace, such as a long volley of headers at the 25th minute that kept the ball high in the air and slowed the pace for a few minutes. This would happen a few more times throughout the match, and never really produced results in either team’s favor.

Then, in the last five minutes of the second half, TU’s work paid off with a goal from Harris Partain. Partain scored the shot from eight yards out on a cross from Adam Habib.
While TU kept the intensity at an all time high, they did not manage to score again during the last half. Denver had the same fate, and regulation ended in a draw.

Overtime came and went with nothing notable to mention save for the vigor of each team, despite the game dragging on past regulation. The back and forth pacing of the first half was back but more frenzied than ever with each team giving their utmost to create an opportunity for victory. But still neither team would give up a goal. It was time for a second overtime.Both team grit their teeth through the marathon of a game, but in the end, neither team could score, and the final whistle blew.

With that, the game concluded, and the 1-1 score after a double overtime stands as a testament to the determination of both teams. Throughout the match, both teams had 14 shots, TU had eight shot on goal and Denver had four. The second half saw the majority of TU’s shots, with eight taken and 4 on goal.
The next home game will be Friday, Nov. 1 so make sure to come out and support the Golden Hurricane as they face off against the Temple University Owls.

Post Author: Brayden McCoy