Mike Pence worried he’s “in too deep”

A leaked audio recording posted by The Washington Post sheds new light onto the Trump-Pence campaign. Indiana Governor Mike Pence was caught saying to trusted advisors that he’s “worried I’m in too deep now” with the Trump campaign.

From what can be picked up in the video, it appears that Pence entered the Trump campaign undercover in an attempt to convert Trump to more traditional conservative ideas. The plan, which involved many senior leaders of the Republican party, was put into motion after it became obvious that Donald Trump would win the primary elections.

In the audio recording, a voice that sounded suspiciously like Republican party leader Mitch McConnell was heard lamenting the plan as a “complete failure.” Pence is heard agreeing, and adding, “I didn’t think [Trump] would get this far. Being a VP candidate was just supposed to be a good resume line.”

The audio recording reflects growing unrest among the Republican establishment, who are beginning the come to the conclusion that’s Trump’s values, such as “build a wall”, “grab them by the p****y”, and “I am the best”, do not necessarily align with the traditional conservative values such as personal responsibility, limited government, free markets and individual liberty.

Pence’s disquiet about his position as Trump’s running-mate likely grew after the Vice Presidential debate, when even Pence was surprised with some of Trump’s comments after hearing them from Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine. In the recording, Pence mentions that perhaps he should have brought up some of Hillary Clinton’s worst scandals, to catch Kaine equally off-guard, but he has trouble keeping all of the scandals straight.

After the leaked video of Trump’s lewd comments last Friday, this reporter has heard that the next step for the GOP may be to begin an elaborate, Mission-Impossible style rescue to try and save Pence from Trump’s grasp.

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