Music an effective outlet for Pope’s message

The next hot artist on the rise is someone we know pretty well: Pope Francis. While he has dropped the bomb on a few of the former popes through his unique approach to his position, who expected him to drop an album?

Hold back temptation to come up with a rapper name for him though, e.g. Big Poppa, Lil’ P, Poppa Flocka Flame, since he chose to make rock music.

His album “Wake Up!” is definitely not in the next top 100 billboards, but his character draws attention to it. The sample that would not even make the music producers pay attention has hit the news because Pope Francis is taking the mic.

Through his sympathetic comments towards the homosexual community and his active approach towards global warming he has won the hearts of the majority of the world, and has proved himself to be aware and in sync with the notions of modern society. This pope seems to know what he’s doing, and people seem to be accepting of this new musical inspiration that he has yet to explain.

I think this totally rocks. Music is not just an art, but a way to convey emotion and to reach out towards the general public. It is already amazing that Pope Francis has not hesitated to break down notions of traditional Catholic beliefs and customs to conform it in a way that he thinks matches society as it is today, which is working and is also gaining him popularity.

He does not drop any bars in this song, but his message is clear: Wake Up! He targets the young generation and advocates the necessity for us to wake up and take action and bring forth change in the world.

The Pope repeatedly gives attributes to God, and says that glory comes through him, but we can take his message into accounts for many things.

As a young generation, we come in contact with many organizations and individuals, especially on a college campus. We are introduced to new ideas, from culture to psychology, philosophy, political and religious affiliations and social upbringings.

We learn that people are different, while finding ourselves out of the big wave of assorted colors. If Pope Francis taught us something, you should already be up from your seat.

Drop the mic. #preach

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