My first Bucc Thursday

I saw people on YikYak talking about the Bucc and I thought it would make a fun night out. But when I showed up at 11 p.m., they were closed. What bar closes at 11 p.m.? I couldn’t believe it.

Everyone talks about how the Bucc is the oldest bar in Tulsa, but I’m pretty sure it just opened this year. It’s the biggest Bucc in Oklahoma, they say.

I talked to my friends about how there was no one at the Bucc when I went and they said that’s because I didn’t go on a Thursday. “It’s Bucc Thursday for a reason,” they said. “Everyone gets wild. It’s crazy. 21 by the way.”

On Thursday I wanted to get a good seat since my friends say it gets packed, so I arrived earlier in the evening this time. There sure were a lot of people day-drinking in there — most of them students. I never thought that so many people would be studying at a bar.

I figured I might as well get an early start. I mean it’s five o’clock somewhere. I walked up to the bar and they had all the drinks up on the menu. They even had snacks to buy, which is awesome because I am one hungry drunk.

I have to admit — some of the drinks on the menu do not sound like alcohol. “Strawberry Açaí Refresher” and “Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Frappuccino” sound like preppy drinks for rich private school kids. The “Paradise Drink” sounds like some fancy screwdriver and I don’t even know what “Oleato” means but that definitely sounds alcoholic.

When I finally got my order, I chugged it as fast as I could to kick off my first Bucc Thursday the right way. The baristas looked worried for me.

“How much alcohol is in this?” I yelled over the mellow hipster music.

“We don’t sell alcohol…” the barista said. “This is a Starbucks.”

Post Author: Shelby Hiens