Brie Larson directed and starred in “Unicorn Store.” courtesy Netflix

Netflix offers a variety of underappreciated content

From a heartfelt zombie movie to an intimate look at superheroes, Netflix offers something for everyone.

Netflix’s ever-growing list of original content can be intimidating to sift through. Whether it’s movies or TV shows, Netflix almost has it all. In this article, I am going to recommend some personal favorites of mine.

First up is “Unicorn Store.” The story follows Kit, a young art school dropout, as she goes on a quest to fulfill her dream of adopting a unicorn. “Unicorn Store” was directed by Brie Larson, who also stars in the film with Samuel L. Jackson. It’s both funny and extremely inventive. Not to mention, the aesthetic of it is genuinely appealing. Perhaps the biggest takeaway of the film is that it’s okay to be yourself, even if you’re a little weird. Yes, it is very cliche, I know. It’s still a great movie.

The next movie is “Cargo.” The film follows a father and his infant daughter amid the zombie epidemic. The father is bitten by a zombie and only has 24 hours to find someone who will take care of his daughter. Zombie movies as a genre are overdone; there are a million of them that all have almost the same plot. However, this one is different. Most films of this nature work to find a cure or to kill all the zombies; however, “Cargo” solely focuses on a father as he tries to protect his daughter. The film is equal parts heart and despair.

My next recommendation is a film that I found by chance, but was oddly enthralled by. “The Polka King” is about a Polish-born bandleader (Jack Black) who lures his fans into a Ponzi scheme, which happens to be based on a true story. I was mystified by its apparent basis in truth. As soon as the film was over, I immediately searched “Jan Lewan” to see how much of this actually happened. Words cannot describe how shocked I was to find out that the majority of the film actually occurred in real life. It’s wacky, zany, quirky and ridiculous, all while staying true to history.

This brings me to the TV show section of this article. The first show I would like to recommend is “Mr. Iglesias,” a series about a public highschool teacher who works to teach misfit kids from being counseled out, a process by which schools end up kicking out students. The show stars Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. It tackles tough topics while still maintaining a layer of comedy. Think about that one teacher at your high school who did so much to inspire their students because of the passion they have for their vocation. That is Mr. Iglesias.

My next TV show recommendation is “Lucifer.” The show follows Lucifer Morningstar as he decides he is sick of ruling over Hell and moves to Los Angeles to open his own nightclub and work with the LAPD. As the description would lead you to believe, it’s quite the wild ride. Oddly enough, the TV show is very much like a buddy-cop comedy. Possibly my favorite thing about “Lucifer” is how strong, intelligent, and fierce the women in the show are.

My final recommendation is “The Umbrella Academy.” The show follows the stories of estranged, adoptive, superhero siblings who are brought back together by the death of their father. Perhaps my favorite thing about this show is that it highlights the issues superheroes face: they’re not perfect. Throughout the show, we are able to witness the negative effects of being a superhero. You’re not sold yet? How about the fact that Mary J. Blige plays an assassin named Cha-Cha.

Regardless if you liked my suggestions or not, Netflix literally has thousands of other TV shows and movies. Go out and find your own favorites.

Post Author: Madison Walters