Never subscribe to monthly boxes again with this 1 easy trick

A new company has achieved overnight success this past month. The company, called Box Box, is a monthly subscription based delivery service, but with a twist. Box Box will ship a different monthly subscription box to your door every month.

“It’s great,” said one of Box Box’s subscribers. “Now I don’t even have to think about what useless junk that I’ll never use I want shipped to me every month.”

In their first two weeks, Box Box has already racked up 100,000 subscribers.

“Every month you’ll get a different monthly subscription box shipped in its very own Box Box branded box. That’s double the box-opening fun!” said a Box Box spokesperson in an interview, even though we didn’t schedule an interview and he just showed up at my door one morning.

Every month your box will be completely random with no way to opt-out of certain services or specify certain items in which you would be interested. One month it might be Lootcrate, the next a do-it-yourself taxidermy kit. And so far there’s no way to return a box you don’t like. When asked for confirmation that there was no way to return an unwanted box the spokesperson replied “That’s correct, and all for the low, low price of $89.95 a month.”

Despite its expense and randomness, Box Box’s numbers are hard to criticize. It’s even had a noticeable impact on other subscription based delivery services like Lootcrate, Dollar Shave Club and even beauty supply box Birchbox, all of which report losing over 10,000 subscribers since the Box Box site went live.

The State Run was able to get in touch with the company’s founder, Barron Elingston, and ask about his inspiration for starting this service. “I noticed the great success of subscription based delivery services and I just wanted to be the first one to take that next logical step.”

Jackson Waters was one of the very first people to subscribe to Box Box and claims that he is “very satisfied,” with the service. When asked if he’s received any good boxes from the service yet he replied “Yeah, I mean I’m sure I have. I can’t think of any right now but I totally have.”

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