New dining options available for on-campus dining

The TU mobile dining app is becoming more relevant for college students

For the longest time, there has been pervasive concern over the dining options at the University. There had been only the Pat Case Dining Center and the Student Union to consider for on-campus dining, and those options already had a few natural limitations. For example, none of these dining options were ever available past 9:00 p.m. or had spotty hours on the weekends. Grubhub was also an option but only if you had managed to dump some cash into getting Hurricane GOLD dining dollars. The big concern here was that dining options wouldn’t be available for weekend dining or a late-night study session.

Fortunately, Transact Mobile Ordering, TU’s dining app, has updated this week to now include Mr. Beast Burger, and there are going to be even more options added in the coming weeks. By opening my dining app, I can now place an order at Mr. Beast Burger in a fashion similar to other dining apps and go pick up food from the Pat Case dining center.

With this new dining app, specifically for Mr. Beast Burger, there is now more accessible food for weird dining hours. Where there once was only Subway open until 11:00 p.m., Mr. Beast Burger extends those options to having burgers as well. That’s perfect for a late night pick-me-up where I could finish work that I shouldn’t have procrastinated on.

Not only does this app give more time-friendly options, but it also gives more opportunities to use dining dollars instead of cash/card. Since virtual dining is still an on-campus option, dining dollars can be allocated to pay for your meals, lightening the load on cash that could be spent buying supplies or amenities outside of the campus currency system.

Alongside Mr. Beast Burger, there are new virtual options that will eventually offer cheesesteaks, cookies and cakes in the future. All these new options look promising for adding variety to the dining options here at the university. The cookies and cakes are a very interesting addition, being among the first places here to focus solely on desserts.

Ironically, out of all these cool food additions, it is the first option that is the least compelling out of the new dining options. Tulsa Burger & Co. already fills the burger gap at the school, so it’s strange that Mr. Beast Burger, another burger joint, is the first option in this otherwise interesting lineup to be implemented into the school. Mr. Beast is an overall average dining option for burgers, and they charge more than Tulsa Burger to give less food, so there isn’t a real reason other than convenience to pick Mr. Beast Burger over Tulsa Burger. Even if the extended availability is a plus, the late hours may not even be taken advantage of if students sleep before 11:00 p.m. anyway, so it makes the option less compelling.

Regardless, these new options should make dining more accessible and give more variety, so it’s definitely worth the effort to download the Transact Mobile Ordering app, if only to use it occasionally.

This order of a burger, fries and cookies cost about $15, so it’s a little more than your average Tulsa Burger and Wing Co. order.

Post Author: Matthew Montanio