Oilers split homestand against Allen

The Oilers seemed happy to be home as they crushed the Americans 5–1 to turn momentum in their favor…

The Oilers are back in the playoffs, making it the second year in a row for them to make the postseason. They had a chance to place as high as second in the division at the end of the season, but due to a few precious points, they ended up placing fourth. They are still in the playoffs, though and still ready to make a run.

Placing fourth meant that they needed to play top seeded Allen. During the regular season the Oilers were 5–10–2 against the Americans. They started the series off in Allen. Tulsa quickly dropped two in Texas which had to damper their spirits. Then, Friday night they came back to the BOK center and turned things around.

The final score was 5–1 Oilers which couldn’t have come at a better time. The team never lost the lead the entire game and looked as though they enjoyed being home. The crowd seemed to be about the average size from the regular season, but they were definitely louder. As the game went on the fans got more and more into it.

The momentum has shifted towards Tulsa after the victory against Allen. Although still down by a game they still have a chance to swing the series. The Oilers seem to play their best hockey when they get an early lead. They can then focus on being more physical and driving their opponents into the ground. If they can consistently do this throughout the rest of the series, then they will have a good chance of winning it. Another important aspect is how well the goalie, Kevin Carr, is playing. If he puts up performances like he did on Friday then the Oilers can use their high scoring ability to go deeper in the playoffs.

Time will tell if the Oilers can make it to the next round of playoffs. I’m sure the captain, Nathan Lutz (36 years old), is looking for a cup run at some point before his career is over. Whether they win or lose, I’m sure the Oiler faithful will still be welcoming them with open arms next season.

They did fall to the Americans last night by a score of 3–1, even with the American committing 10 penalties on the night. The Oilers, down 3–1 in the series, will look to avoid elimination against the Allen Americans on Monday, in Allen, Texas.

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