Olympic Committee gets the last laugh on Lochte

After his blatant disregard of Brazilian laws, Ryan Lochte had the tables turned on him when the Rio Olympic committee admitted that all of Lochte’s medal ceremonies were faked.

The admission came after Lochte had already left Brazil, so authorities could not detain him for faking a crime. The Olympic Committee revealed to reporters an elaborate behind-the-scenes sound stage, designed to fake medal recipients into thinking they were in front of a huge crowd.

“It was really a lot of effort and taxpayer money that went into this project to deceive Lochte, but looking at him now, I think it was all worth it,” reported an anonymous Committee member. Reportedly, Lochte was taken into this special room with all the other medalists for his relay, where he was presented a convincing, yet ultimately fake gold medal. After the faux ceremonial concluded, everyone besides Lochte went on the the real deal, receiving their actual medals in front of thousands of cheering fans.

Although unconfirmed, rumors are circulating that the fake medal is “like one of those chocolate coins, but giant!” No one has yet attempted to unwrap Lochte’s medal to get at the chocolate underneath.

As of press time, The Brazilian president has announced that Lochte’s actual medal is “right here next to me, he just has to come pick it up from my office.” Lochte could not be reached for comment.

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