Opinionated politicians team up, form punk rock band

After years of criticism, four female politicians reclaim their shrillness and monetize it.

Although we’re only months into the new year, the entire nation already seems fixated on the 2020 presidential race. And who can blame it? With politicians announcing election bids every other day and media members already making predictions, the one question on everyone’s mind seems to be, “Who will be the Democratic challenger to incumbent President Trump?”

One thing’s for sure: don’t look at Hillary Clinton.

After being pestered and peppered with questions for months on the subject, Clinton took to Twitter last week to clear up all speculation about 2020.

“I’ve had it. No. I am not running for president again. I have no desire to be bullied, criticized and attacked for simply being a woman. No, the only rallies that I’ll be hosting in the next year are ones for my new band Shrill Pillbox. Check out our new record btw.”

According to the band’s website, Shrill Pillbox is a four-piece, all-female, all-politician punk rock band with Hillary Clinton on main vocals, Senator Elizabeth Warren on bass/backing vocals, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on guitar and Senator Kamala Harris on drums.

“Well, ol’ Hillary’s let the cat out of the bag, I guess,” chuckled Senator Warren when questioned about her involvement in the punk group. “Yes, I’ve decided to rescind my presidential bid and commit myself entirely to this band. I just feel like I can do so much more good on stage than in the Oval Office.”

Senator Harris has announced that she too is dropping out of the race in favor of “blasting out beats on her kit.”

“Let’s see how they like our voices now,” Harris said to press clamoring for comment outside the U.S. Capitol.
Although they have yet to perform in public, their website features footage of a garage practice session where the band shows off their ear-splitting sound.

Even while practicing, the ladies can be seen giving it their all. Clinton and Warren spit out fiery passion with every lyric they screech in harmony. Ocasio-Cortez is absolutely dynamic on guitar, punching out chords and springing around the space. Harris is equally fun to watch, thundering down on the drums and cymbals to the point of breaking them.

Unfortunately, the punk scene has not received these women too kindly.
“[Shrill Pillbox] is setting the genre back fifty years,” said an Alternative Press magazine review of their debut album. “Their sound just too high pitched, too grating, too loud for punk. Honestly, it’s just very unbecoming of these girls.”

Despite the critics, Shrill Pillbox is a thunderous middle-finger of a band that definitely deserves a listen. Their new album “Filibustin’” is out now, featuring such songs as “Red Tape Blues,” “Fuck the Incumbent,” “Veto Men” and “G.O.P. (Grimey Old Peckers).”

Post Author: Sara Serrano