Owner of Tally’s Cafe pleads guilty

Faced with six counts of larceny, Talal Alame rejects deferred sentence.
Down the street from The University of Tulsa campus lies Tally’s Good Food Café, one of the most polarizing food choices when asking the student body. Many swear by the breakfast menu, while others vehemently oppose the diner for its prices and quality.
Back in July 2023, the owner of Tally’s, Talal “Tally” Alame, was arrested on suspicion of stealing over $7,000 worth of goods from Sam’s Club. As reported by Sam’s Club, Alame would purchase restaurant supplies and groceries at their location without scanning large items. Eventually totaling up to $7,700, he was arrested at his 61st and Sheridan restaurant location and booked for six counts of larceny. Court documents describe 31 different larcenies between both the Owasso and Tulsa Sam’s Club locations. Sam’s Club reported a loss of about $6,800 at the Tulsa location and $900 in merchandise loss in Owasso.
In an interview with 2News Oklahoma, when he was originally arrested last year, he spoke about his confusion with the scanning technology and felt pressured by Sam’s Club staff to use the app to check out. Alame said, “They asked every time I walked in, ‘oh Tally; it’s much faster for you. You’re a gold member. It’s so easy. Just scan it and go.’ I don’t like new technology.” An affidavit says Alame paid for at least one item using the app so that if scanned by an employee at the door, it would say that he paid.
He argued that it was not shoplifting but rather a simple mistake in scanning. On Thursday, Feb. 8, Alame pleaded guilty to six counts of larceny across two separate retail locations. He was originally offered a four year deferred sentence by the jury, but he rejected that offer and instead will receive a blind plea, which is where the judge will decide his sentence. Sentencing will occur on March 4.

Post Author: Grant Doolin