David Longstreth removes the guitars and backup singers in favor of deeply thematic, if not clunky, lyrical content on “Dirty Projectors,” the artist’s self-titled seventh album.

Ethan Veenker, Apprentice Editor

TU’s Reading and Writing Club showed off impressive, vivid poetry with a wide range of themes.

James Whisenhunt, Commentary Editor

Jennifer Latham discusses how the characters in her new novel represent Tulsa’s history.

Michaela Flonard, News Editor

The Legislative Digest looks at the bills and resolutions passed by Oklahoma’s state legislators in the last week.

Legislative Digest

7 March 2017
Raven Fawcett, Apprentice Editor

SB 221 benefits local communities by giving them power to decide when liquor stores in their counties should be open.

Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

Schools have lost their final funding safety net, and the only solution is fixing the state’s broken tax policy for oil companies.

Kayleigh Thesenvitz, Social Media Manager

An inconsiderate TU student got the flu during midterms. State-Run reporters talked to the victim, her roommate.

Hannah Kloppenburg, Chugging Emergen-C

While SA was announcing the Springfest band, an asthma attack was misinterpreted as a call for the band “NEEDTOBREATHE.”

Amy Cairns, Professional breather

Executive orders can be hard to understand; we liked them under Obama, but now we don’t like them? Here’s what you need to know about this mysterious presidential power.

Sam Chott, Checker and balancer

The men’s basketball team won their last two home games to get back on track before the final two games of the season.

Losing streak snapped at six

28 February 2017
Joseph Edmunds, Sports Writer

The Bleacher Creature

28 February 2017
Justin Guglielmetti, Bleacher Creature