The New York Times article should have mentioned more about property tax and population discrepancies between Union’s district and others to accurately portray the school’s successes.

Giselle Willis, Managing Editor

As the Oklahoma Congress looks into issues of sex and sexual crimes, the focus needs to more seriously shift toward HIV/AIDS education, where change is needed the most.

Raven Fawcett, Apprentice Editor

The Legislative Digest looks at the bills and resolutions passed by Oklahoma’s state legislators.

Legislative Digest

13 April 2017
Raven Fawcett, Apprentice Editor

TU’s housing department should offer a pet deposit option that would allow pets but still protect against potential problems.

Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

“Your Name” was a fun movie with supernatural elements and fantastic characterization.

Nick Rethford, Apprentice Editor

Dr. Tukufu Zuberi visits Tulsa to host and exhibit “Black Bodies in Propoganda: the Art of the War Poster.”

Michaela Flonard, News Editor

Two years since the groundbreaking record “I Love You, Honeybear,” Josh Tillman creates an album that’s less musically advanced but lyrically outstanding.

Ethan Veenker, Apprentice Editor

Association of International Students hosted a competition composed of performances intended to teach the audience about “World Icons.”

Hannah Kloppenburg, Editor-in-Chief

Panic! at the Disco, MisterWives and Saint Motel were rather underwhelming last week at the BOK Center.

Ethan Veenker, Apprentice Editor

“Steeped” allows artists the chance to examine how tea impacts human lives and culture, though only a small number of the pieces went beyond a cursory glance.

James Whisenhunt, Commentary Editor

I tried to figure out if repealing Obamacare would be that bad by refusing to use my insurance for a week. It was harmful, because Barack Obama himself beat me up when I tried.

Sam Chott, Running up a huge hospital bill

John Cena continues to visit children with terminal illnesses long after the thrill of seeing John Cena has worn off.

Amy Cairns, You can’t see her