The recent reactions from both sides of political media to Donald Trump’s “Sweden comment” are a prime example of how biased news sources are more concerned with opinionating than informing.

Nathan Gibbons, Distribution Manager

The current attempt to sell nine acres of Helmerich Park for development is harmful to the park and the families living close to it.

Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

Southern homestyle restaurant Bread & Butter Kitchen and Bakery is a new hot spot in town for its comforting meals.

Michaela Flonard, News Editor

Poet and ballerina Rebecca Eland returns to her hometown of Tulsa to read from her newest book.

Adam Lux, Student Writer

Raoul Peck’s new documentary provides an inspiring narrative and addresses important issues, but is ultimately a message that students can receive in many other places.

James Whisenhunt, Commentary Editor

“The Painters EP,” released nearly a year after Animal Collective’s last album, “Painting With,” serves as a worthy companion EP.

Ethan Veenker, Student Writer

Despite its unusual premise, XX proves to be yet another flat and forgettable movie experience.

Nick Rethford, Student Writer

After an attempt to briefly “adult” to pay some bills, a student found himself unable to stop being responsible and generally mature.

Amy Cairns, Favorite suit: birthday

After reading a series of articles where women gave advice on dealing with catcalling, we decided to switch it up and ask a man for a change.

Adam Lux, Harassment expert

A TU student has come up with a new entry in a long line of nicknames that she insists her friends learn.

Amy Cairns, aka AC$Money

Women keep trying to talk about mansplaining, but there’s some stuff that they just don’t get. I, as a guy, can tell you all about it.

Adam Lux, Unsolicited advisor

On World Anthropology Day, TU students led Kendall-Whittier elementary schoolers in a variety of exercises to teach them about different facets of anthropology.

Giselle Willis, Managing Editor