Media outlets aren’t addressing context when covering the Trump administration’s firings, which are actually a standard move for power changes.

Trenton Gibbons, Variety Editor

The pipeline’s economic incentives fail to outweigh the environmental and cultural problems construction would cause.

Nathan Hinkle, Student Writer

The education system needs to be re-evaluated in light of the thousands of jobs available to increasingly few people.

Raven Fawcett, Apprentice Editor

The Legislative Digest looks at the bills and resolutions passed by Oklahoma’s state legislators.

Legislative Digest

5 April 2017
Raven Fawcett, Apprentice Editor

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has placed more value on a fourth year of high school math, but their efforts are not enough.

Nick Rethford, Apprentice Editor

The Golden Hurricane had their first home conference series of the year when the second-place Memphis Tigers traveled to Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane took two-of-three to win the series.

Matt Rechtien, Sports Editor

After 152 days, opening day is finally here! With one game out of 162 played, we feel pretty comfortable handing out the end of season awards now.

Justin Guglielmetti, Apprentice Editor

The Bleacher Creature

5 April 2017
Justin Guglielmetti, Bleacher Creature

The Gilcrease’s event was well-intentioned, but the disproportionate ratio of female/male art on display kept it from being the feminist celebration it wanted to be.

James Whisenhunt, Commentary Editor

Interspersed amongst the familiar Spoon-funk is a plethora of electronic sounds and other elements of experimentation, though the band stays true to their style.

Ethan Veenker, Apprentice Editor

The hall governments of John Mabee and Lottie Jane Mabee teamed up for a drag show contest to close off Mabee Week.

Amy Cairns , Student Writer