Paul Ryan drops Trump “just in time” in obvious sequel hook

In what appears to be an obvious sequel hook for the 2020 election, Paul Ryan announced this past week he would no longer be defending Donald Trump. We asked some random people on the street who we could pin down for an interview what they thought:
“It makes sense, you know? I mean, with the media success that this presidential campaign has been, they have to be looking toward a sequel in 2020. I’m honestly surprised there are four years between presidential elections, with all the money they make from them.”

Unemployed accountant
“Honestly, I’m kind-of disappointed with how the writers handled it, to be quite honest. The dramatic split would have happened closer to the election if I was in charge.”

Film Studies student
“I’m not in the least bit surprised. This had been foreshadowed for months with the early disagreements between the two. At this point I’m just waiting for Chekov’s gun to go off when Trump shoots someone on 5th street.”

Finding himself
“I’m not much of a fan of presidential politics, so I can’t tell you much about that,” Charles said as he sipped his IPA. “I only tend to follow third party primaries and small-town mayor elections, you’ve probably never heard of the candidates.”

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