Phan running for President

Tavis Phan is a junior biology pre-med major running for president. He is currently a senator for the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences. He is also a member of the Student Organization Committee (SOC) and a nonvoting member of the Student Investigative Committee (SIC). As an SIC member, Phan has been able to be a part of SA discussions for various resolutions. Phan says finding solutions to student problems was his original reason for getting involved with SA.

If elected, Phan would like SA to have a larger and more diverse audience. He says he wants to create a better outreach program so that “a wider spectrum of students” gets involved with SA.

Phan also has experience with Greek, ENS, athletic and honors organizations. Specifically, he’s the external vice president of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, president of Scroll Honor Society, former president of the Interfraternity Council and former president of Lantern Honor Society. He has also been a university ambassador and orientation leader. He plays for the Tulsa Lacrosse Club as well. Phan believes this wide range of organizations has taught him “how to problem-solve in high-stress situations” and will help him reach a diverse audience.

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