Photo Club, months in the making, finally ordained

TU Photo Club is a newly chartered organization that hopes to spread photography throughout campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Although the club was only recently made official, Dan Farnum, their faculty advisor, said the club has been in planning since last summer when he and two other students volunteered with Kendall-Whittier Elementary School students.

The TU students Jessica Walker and Shelby Kellam were to later to become part of the club.

The primary goal of the club, according to Farnum, is to “create a community of photographers.”

Members do not have to be a part of the school of art, as the club only hopes “to be a place where those with a shared interest can meet together.”

Last week, the club had a showing of the documentary, “Finding Vivian Maier.” The club also plans to have field and road trips to museums and to lectures about art in Tulsa and nearby cities.

Community service is “another big part of the club,” according to Farnum, and is written into their constitution.

Two weeks ago, the club began working with Kendall-Whittier, in partnership with YMP (Youth Mentorship Program). The club gave students a scavenger hunt to complete as part of the YMP after-school program.

Farnum said the club provides the students with basic digital cameras, as to not “overload the students with technology.”

They worked with students on taking pictures and the importance of subject matter and color. Farnum said the club hopes to move students on to more advanced aspects of photogarphy soon.

Farnum found it surprising how quickly the elementary students have taken to photography. “You just point them in the right direction and give them instructions,” he said. Children “literally see from a different perspective,” he noted.

The other goal of the club is an “education component, not just with children.”

Some students may not have worked with some cameras available, Farnum said, and the club hopes to expose students to photography.
Working at the university has shown Farnum that “people like taking pictures.”

“If you don’t want to get an art degree,” Farnum said, “you can still explore photography.”

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