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“First Draft with Sarah Enni” offers advice and inspiration for writers.

This one is for my fellow writers. If you love writing, be it fiction or poetry, then this podcast is for you. “First Draft with Sarah Enni” is a podcast where Enni, a YA writer, has conversations with other authors about writing, publishing and life. Writers from all genres are represented, but the show tends to have guests who are authors of young adult, children’s literature and the occasional popular fiction book.

These conversations are illuminating for writers as the episodes go in-depth into different aspects of writing, editing and publishing. The guests on the show also talk about how they achieved success and their careers have changed over the years. Recent episodes include conversations with Jacqueline Woodson, author of “Brown Girl Dreaming” and Swan Huntley, author of “We Could Be Beautiful.” These conversations explore the journeys of the respective writers and how they made it to the point they are at today. It’s very inspiring.

This podcast offers advice and encouragement to those looking to get their work published, especially when it comes to YA fiction. There is a lot of information on the internet and in books geared towards writers about the writing and editing process. Information about the publishing world is a little bit harder to find. It can feel mysterious, especially towards young writers. That is one of the goals of “First Draft with Sarah Enni.” The show aims to demystify the business aspects of creative work like writing and publishing.

Host Sarah Enni is clear-headed and thorough in her conversations. On top of that, she’s also a writer herself so she understands exactly what kinds of questions to ask the guests on her show. The conversations range anywhere from 60-90 minutes as Enni’s guests are prompted to think deeply about their art and their lives.

Writing can be an isolating task, especially when you do not have any writer friends. Listening to this podcast makes it feel as if you are a part of a community of writers. It can be motivating to hear how writers navigated difficult hurdles like writer’s block or unruly stories that are hard to write. The show updates biweekly, but there are over 300 episodes for audiences to explore.

Although “First Draft” is primarily geared towards writers, readers can also appreciate this podcast. Plenty of people love hearing their favorite authors talk about their writing process or how they created a book. The conversations on the show reveal insights into popular authors and how they create the fictional worlds we come to love. Whether you’re a writer, reader or just someone curious about how books get made, this podcast is for you.

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Post Author: Hana Saad