Podcast “Reading Women” perfect for book lovers

“Reading Women” is a perfect podcast for those who love to read or want to start reading again.

I’ll let you in on a secret: I haven’t listened to this podcast in quite a few months. I think the last time I listened to an episode was sometime in the summer. Maybe the reason that I’m writing about it now is a testament to how great “Reading Women” is.

Lately, I’ve been getting back into reading and I think that’s why I’m gravitating back to this show. Hosted by three women, Sachi Argabright, Jaclyn Masters and Sumaiyya Naseem, this podcast updates weekly with episodes featuring books written by women, interviews with authors and special episodes dedicated to celebrating diversity in all its forms in popular fiction.

Each month, episodes are centered around a theme. Last month, the theme was “Incarceration.” Before that, the theme for August was “Nature Writing.” If you can’t tell, this podcast will appeal to a variety of readers, as they cover everything from science fiction to romance.

This month, the theme is “She Writes Crime,” which is fitting for October. In the first episode for October, Naseem discusses how crime and thriller novels reveal insights about real-world problems, such as issues of violence against women. Some of the books they discuss in the episode include “The Khan” by Saima Mir, which is an intense thriller about family and justice. Other books include “Out” by Natsuo Kirino and “The Unquiet Dead” by Ausma Zehanat Giolito, which are sure to please lovers of crime fiction.

Those who love perusing books at their local library or bookstore will adore this podcast. The hosts are well-read and well-spoken, thoroughly covering the books they talk about over the course of each episode. Like any great podcast, this is also more than just about the material.

The show is dedicated to supporting books that have been missing from shelves of mainstream bookstores. They talk about books written by trans women, people of color and indigenous women. They cover issues of social justice and mental health. This is just to name a few topics.

In a space where much of popular literature has been restricted to largely white, hetreonormative stories, it is important to support authors who come from diverse backgrounds and share their stories. Of course, diverse stories and authors have always been around and the industry is slowly changing, but “Reading Women” gives them a larger platform.

Beyond a weekly show, this podcast has a regular newsletter and hosts reading challenges. They also give out an award each year, the Reading Woman Award, to a notable work of fiction written by a woman.

“Reading Women” has really built a community that its listeners can actively participate in. The hosts are warm and friendly, making their listeners feel as if they are part of a book club. Reading is so much fun and it’s even better whenever you can see different stories reflected in the books that you buy or borrow.

This podcast is available on all streaming platforms.

Post Author: Hana Saad