Political student organizations fight campus apathy

As political apathy continues to rise in America, especially among younger voters, there need to be tools in place to help combat this issue. These tools need to help promote involvement in the political process and its importance in American society.

A good tool for doing this is political party clubs. These clubs have the ability to allow students to share ideas and thoughts with their fellow students. Through these potential conversations, people are more likely to care about the politics that govern America from the presidency all the way down to local issues.

The argument could be made that political party groups are bad because they push people together into smaller groups that will cause deadlock like in our government. However, it is more likely that a general politics group would be too large and broad to see any significant use.

A more general American politics group would also struggle to get members, as its extremely broad goal would push people away, while a smaller group that is still quite vast due to the subsets of each party would succeed in gathering members at a better rate. As an example, it is like a large country versus a smaller country. The larger one has more to cover and control compared to the smaller, more coordinated force.

Another benefit of a political party group is their ability to help outsiders of their group be able to vote and also promote new political events. These potential events could be debates on an important issue affecting college students or speeches given by leaders of a cause. These events also have the bonus of being about general politics. Through these events, all party groups can potentially work together on important issues such as low voter turnout and an unknowing populace.

Political party groups are a good way to get people involved in politics when that is definitely needed in the current turbulent times of America. Their smaller size helps them be more efficient and easier to control. They also have the ability to promote a well-rounded populace who may not have the exact same beliefs as one another but are at least well-informed on their side of the political spectrum.

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