Grab yourself some face masks, Minecraft and a good book if you’re trying to relax. graphic by Conner Maggio

Positive tips to keep you calm in these trying times

It’s easy to be stressed right now about politics and college, so consider adding these activities to your regular self-care regimen.

We all know that life is a little rough for just about everyone right now. Midterms just finished, grades have been handed out and some of us have found we haven’t been doing as well as we hoped. Others are going through some seasonal depression, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Others still are stressing over the political environment that is currently brewing. And some are lamenting the fact that we don’t get a fall break and are counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. (As of the publication of this paper, we’ve got 12 days left!)

If any of the above apply to you, don’t worry your pretty li’l head, as I have a list of things that can help cheer you up:

Watch a movie
Seems obvious, but sometimes you don’t even know how stressed you are until you sit back and stop focusing on stressors.

Now I know there are some that are saying, “What? I want to relax, not die.” And I agree. However, it has been proven that when you exercise, mood-improving endorphins are released. So go do some crunches.

Get a face mask
Honestly, even if this isn’t something you’re normally into, it can be super fun. Walmart has a two for $5 deal, so next time you’re there and have $5 to spare, get some.

Literally take a nap.
Half of my stress comes from the fact that I don’t get enough sleep, and I would bet the same is for you, so take a nap.

Clean your room
I know half of this list seems like just household chores, but when my room is cluttered, it stresses me out, so see if a clean room helps.

Take a shower
Self explanatory. Be clean.

Watch Bob Ross
Happy little trees. All on Netflix.

If Bob isn’t your thing, might I recommend Rick Steves
He’s a PBS show host and pretty much travels around Europe and other places and teaches about them. Perfect for putting on in the background when you just want to lay on the floor. I recommend his Spain videos, but that’s just me. All his videos are on YouTube.

If you like animals more than cities, how about Coyote Peterson?
Pretty much a modern day Steve Irwin. Under the name “Brave Wilderness” on YouTube, he teaches about various animals and how to treat for injuries. He has entered the Sting Zone with many an animal, including a bullet ant.

Read a book.
I read when I get stressed if I have the time for it.

Possibly a children’s book?
I actually have two kids’ books in my dorm — one for elementary kids, one for middle schoolers. When I need to feel productive, but literally cannot focus on anything, they are perfect to read because I feel accomplished for reading a book, but I don’t have to focus on them at all to do so.

Watch YouTube
I already have some things on her from YouTube, but honestly, Buzzfeed Nifty videos are also nice to just put on in the background. (Be careful though — you might waste like two hours watching this.)

If you would rather watch something funny
There is a playlist on YouTube called “Instant Regret Playlist,” and it is pretty much a bunch of old memes and funny videos that are 30 seconds or less, and you can and will spend a good hour watching it.

If Netflix is more your speed
There’s John Mulaney, “The Great British Baking Show,” various Marvel movies and many more to watch.

If you have Hulu
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a good show.
That’s all I got because I don’t have Hulu.

We all know it and love it — your Caneflix is always an option if you have a TV in your room.

Have a back-up hobby
If you draw, draw a picture; if you write, write a paragraph of a fun story. I personally knit, so I try to knit a little bit more onto my current project.

Play Minecraft
It’s very relaxing, honestly.

That’s all I got, but hopefully it helped you! Never forget that you also have many resources all over campus to help you if you need serious help.

Post Author: Kaitlyn Argo