Improve TU: Provide links to organizations through TU website

As any TU student probably knows, there are a plethora of Student Organizations on campus. Be you interested in e-sports, billiards or history, chances are TU has something for you. Unfortunately, the harder it is to find information about these groups, the less likely students are to find one that suits them.

At the beginning of the school year, TU has a giant activities fair where all the student organizations show up and give out their information to newcomers, but what about after that? What happens when somebody decides they want to join an organization mid-semester?

Thankfully, the TU website has compiled a giant list of nearly 200 student organizations. The catch is, only 25 of these are linked to information about the organization (The Collegian is not among them).

To make matters worse, many of these organizations have their own websites. Even those who aren’t yet large enough to have a dedicated website usually have a Facebook page or some equivalent. This means the information exists, there just isn’t a link to it.

It would seem to be a relatively simple, yet hugely beneficial, task to provide links to all these organizations on one page. After all, isn’t that the purpose of having the list in the first place? To provide information?

In its current state, the TU Student Organizations list stops one step short, providing only names and acronyms, but no real information. However, with the addition of more links, it could be one of the most useful tools for students looking into trying out what TU has to offer.

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