SA charters Ornithology Club for TU student birders

In the upcoming weeks, TU will see the emergence of several new clubs, perhaps the most unique of which is the Ornithology Club. Ornithology, for those unfamiliar with the term, is defined as the scientific study of birds. Logan Carter, the president of the club, says he’s been a birder since he was very young, first developing an interest in the practice as an avid reader of Bird Field Guides. Now, it’s one of his biggest hobbies.

Birding is the act of observing birds in the wild as a recreational activity. These observers often bring binoculars or telescopes, and use field guides to discern between the different species of birds. The club itself plans on going birding once a month to local areas, as the members share a general enthusiasm for bird-watching. Some important organization members are Ian Bellovich (Vice President), Andrew Eaton-Clark (Secretary), and Dr. Charles Brown (Advisor). Students are welcome to come to the meetings and events and get on the club’s GroupMe list. Even those without any experience birdwatching are welcome to join. If you have any other questions feel free to email

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