SA passes resolution to allow alcohol over 3.2 ABV in Hurricane Hut

Besides the stadium during football games, the only place for students to buy alcohol on campus is the Hurricane Hut. However, only low strength beer can be purchased. Citing low attendance at the Hut, Kate Tillotson, an at-large senator, introduced a resolution calling for higher strength beer and wine to be allowed. Senate does not actually have the power to implement the change themselves, so it is more of a formal suggestion to administration.

Tillotson had the idea for the resolution through her leadership as president of another organization: TU Student Veterans. That organization had wanted to have bar meet-ups. They tried off-campus bars, but she said “none of them really worked.” They tried the Hut, but Tillotson said her group was disappointed that it only served low point beer.

Tillotson also described herself as a supporter of local craft beer and as “an avid IPA enthusiast.” She said Prairie Ale, COOP and Roughtail are some of her favorite local beers and that she thought it was “messed up” that students did not have local beers available to them on campus.

She believes “Students deserve to be treated like the adults we are. We pay tuition, we work hard to stay on top of our academic course loads and we deserve to drink real beer not low point beer.”

However, as only a resolution, Tillotson’s bill has not taken effect.

In order for the Hut to sell higher point beer and wine, President Clancy has to agree to her resolution and the Hut would need to acquire licenses from the state.

Tillotson is hoping that other changes come to the Hut as well. She said she’d like to see TU lift restrictions on liquor. Also, she is working with Mike Neal, the Director of Dining Services, to see what other options students would want at the Hut.

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