SA Senate elections pass with little fanfare

Last week’s election had a little more than 350 out of roughly 4, 680 students voting, which SA’s Chief Election Officer, Colleen Yoder, said is “pretty normal” for Senate elections in the Spring.

Senate seats are divided into different constituencies. Four of these are related to where students live: residence halls, apartments, commuters and Greek housing.

All of those constituencies except for Greek housing are entitled to five senate seats. Greek housing is only entitled to two because of its smaller population.

Each of the six colleges at TU is also entitled to two senate seats. Finally, the “at-large” constituency has five senate seats. Seats are evenly divided between the fall and spring semesters.

In the case of an odd number of seats, the fall semester will have one more seat open.

Since Akram Alake dropped out of the race for the residence halls seat, that election was uncontested.

Incumbent Anna Rouw, a sophomore political science major, retained her seat with 69 votes. Kimberly Bartlett, a freshman psychology major, is the incumbent for an at-large seat, but she’ll now represent the residence halls because of her 32 votes.

Sophomore Kelly Scrivner, an accounting and finance double-major, was the only person who ran for Greek housing’s one seat. She received 57 votes.
Three people ran for the two available seats for the apartments. Jessica Pongonis, a junior political science major, received 71 votes and will get one seat.

Incumbent Matt Neyer, a senior chemical engineering major, received 63 votes and will get the other seat. He is also SOC chair. Incumbent Nathan Williams, a junior information technology major, received 13 votes and will not retain his seat.

The commuters also had three people run for two available seats. Harvard Wong, a junior petroleum engineering major, received 34 votes and will get one of the seats. Sophomore and petroleum engineering major Nehal Patel received 20 votes will get the other seat. Incumbent Joanna George, a freshman biochemistry major, received 19 votes and therefore will not retain her seat.

Emma Stewart, who currently represents Greek housing, was the only person to run for the College of Arts and Sciences’ single seat. She is a junior English major and received 87 votes.

Sawyer Clement is a junior biology pre-med student. He was the only person to run for the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences’ seat and received 137 votes.

Lincoln Brown, a senior management major, is the incumbent for the College of Business. He was the only person to run for the seat and received 69 votes.

Incumbent Michael Mancini, a former SA president, was the only person to run for the single seat available to the Graduate School. He received 14 votes.

Neither the College of Health Sciences nor the College of Law had anyone run to represent them.

The at-large seats were uncontested. Whitney Cipolla, the current GOC chair, is a junior English and education double-major who currently represents the College of Arts and Sciences. Chase Cocking is a sophomore petroleum engineering major who currently is the FAC chair and senator for the residence halls.

Those who won their election will take office on March 1. SA Vice President Conner Wurth is able to appoint people to fill any seat that is empty.

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