Score predictions for Super Bowl LVII

The Collegian staff and sports writers share their insights on the upcoming Super Bowl.

Ryan Shumaker
Predicted Score: Eagles 49, Chiefs 42

After evaluating each team’s strengths, along with all relevant data points, I struggle to envision any scenario other than the Philadelphia Eagles winning in the most remarkable fashion possible by a score of 49-42. That is, unless the Chiefs score 50. The only guarantee is that it will be a thoroughly American spectacle true to the spirit of soulless consumerism. I predict that no matter what happens on the field, patriotic Americans everywhere will be left seething as they are made to endure the horrors of seeing interracial couples and rainbow flags appearing in commercials about candy and trucks.

Mary Lickona
Predicted score: Eagles 33, Chiefs 30

Time for a truly rancid take from your friendly neighborhood stereotypical sports-stupid girlie: Football fans all over the midwest rejoiced everywhere when they saw the final line-up for Super Bowl 2023. Finally a good team is poised to play: the Philadelphia Eagles (midwest being a relative term, after all). After their triumph over the 49er’s, the Eagles may just sweep in from overhead and become the LVII champions. However, let’s not dispute the Chiefs, a very beloved team by the only people whose football opinions I trust. A warrior force to be reckoned with, I predict the Chiefs will have a strong lead, but weaken right before halftime. However, there should be plenty of commercial breaks and screaming fans to help them recuperate their energy and come back strong at the end, whether that will be enough to save the game remains to be seen. Folks will be on the edge of their seats and somebody somewhere will flip a table and spill Uncle Jerry’s dip. Will I be tuning in? Depends on how good the food is beforehand, and how socially awkward I will feel leaving right after halftime. Regardless, I will be rooting for the Chiefs, because I fear the alienation from my football friends more than I have any devotion to my (slightly more) native PA.

Callie Hummel
Predicted score: Eagles 27, Chiefs 23

The Super Bowl has come down to two of the best offenses in the league currently. Kansas City is leading in total offense and scoring, while the Eagles follow at third for most points this season. During the semifinal game between the Chiefs and Bengals, the Chiefs utilized a pass rush to shut down the Bengals’ offense. It will be considerably harder to do that to the Eagles though, as they have a stronger running back in Miles Sanders and a quarterback, Jalen Hurts, that is comfortable running the ball.
While both offenses are strong, the Eagles have a considerably stronger defense. Along with their high-ranking offense, the Eagles have broken a franchise record this year for number of sacks during the regular season, at 70. Even though Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback, had two weeks to recover from the high ankle sprain that was causing him to limp after the Bengals game, one sack might knock all of his recovery. The Chiefs also have numerous injuries to their receivers. Despite being a Chiefs fan, I think the Eagles will distance themselves with their stronger defense and healthier team. Win or lose, Rihanna will serve.

Zach Short
Predicted Score: Chiefs 59, Eagles 0

I don’t see any other way this game shakes down. Not only will the Chiefs set the single-team scoring record for a Super Bowl, but they will also shut down the Eagles who are simply out of their element. Seven touchdowns, three field goals.

Zach Short (Actual)
Predicted Score: Chiefs 34, Eagles 33

The Chiefs, whom I earnestly acknowledge as the best team in the league right now, absolutely love to play to their opponents. One of their closest games of the year came against the Texans, who had been long eliminated from postseason contention and needed to lose for the draft placement. With that and the Chiefs’ defense in mind, I see the Chiefs taking a big lead early, trading field goals for touchdowns to the tune of 21-6 midway through the second. Then they will inevitably collapse and let the Eagles tighten the match before the half and head into the locker room 21-13. The Eagles will come back to strike first in the second half and bring it to 21-20, the Chiefs will fail to respond, and the Eagles will go ahead 23-21. The game will remain a nail-biter until the final drive, where the Chiefs will have the ball down 33-27, scoring a touchdown with 14 seconds on the clock. Harrison Butker, who will have missed at least one if not two field goals by this point, will have the game on his shoulders but will hopefully seal the deal. If I had to offer any other possible outcomes, I would say it seems equally likely that he misses it and the Chiefs win in overtime or that the Chiefs flub the drive and lose 33-27. The only thing that could shock me would be if the game did not end close.

Post Author: Ryan Shumaker