Sean Spicer invites “Know Your Meme” to press conferences

After kicking out Fake News outlets The New York Times, CNN, and Buzzfeed from White House press conferences, Sean Spicer made the surprising decision to invite Know Your Meme to the briefings. The decision to invite this news outlet was reportedly a result of their hard hitting reporting on the “wat in tarnation” phenomenon and its many offshoots. The representative will be sitting in CNN’s usual seat directly in front of Mr. Spicer during all press conferences.

“After removing all 324 Fake News outlets from our briefings, the place was looking a little empty,” Spicer said in a press release yesterday. “I feel Know Your Meme is an important source of fact in this information age, and their particular appeal to millennials is especially relevant. I use them regularly to keep up to date with all the latest internet trends, and I’m pleased to welcome them to my conferences.”

In an undoubtedly Fake article this morning, the New York Times interviewed the Know Your Meme correspondent about his new position. “I’m incredibly excited to be attending these press briefings. I have a long list of questions for the new administration, and can’t wait to get started,” said Senior Memologist Brad Stevens. Among those questions, the correspondent planned to ask what Baron Trump’s favorite video game is, which pictures of Trump’s face would make the best image macros, and if Mike Pence has a comprehensive plan for replacing the Biden memes of last year.

“These are essential questions that aren’t being asked right now, pushed aside in favor of frivolous comments about health care, Russia, and immigration. I feel I can meaningfully contribute to changing the tone of these conferences, upping the rate of meme generation worldwide. There’s a lot to be done,” said Stevens. The White House could not be reached for comment.

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