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See Me After Class is a weekly column where a different professor reveals their variety favorites.

Dr. Kate Williams is an adjunct professor of composition who received her B.A. from Oakland University, M.D. from Eastern Michigan University and Ph.D from TU. She worked her way from freelancer to business owner, founding her very own company People First Content in 2018. Williams is passionate about content creation and strategy for small businesses. Before she was creating companies, Williams co-founded her high school’s first women’s water polo team.

What’s your favorite book? What book would you say all undergrads need to read before they graduate?

My favorite book is “Paradise” by Toni Morrison. It’s a bit heavy and dark, so I recommend it if you have the time to really let it sit with you when you’re done.

I think all undergrads should take the time to read something they like to remind themselves that reading can be fun. For example, the first thing I read after finishing my Ph.D. was “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Sometimes you just have to ignore the canon.

What’s reading like for you? Is there a specific setting, mood, drink set-up?

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a huge cup of tea and a book! These days, though, I usually only have time to read before bed, in which case it’s just me with a reading light trying to get in as much as I can before I fall asleep (I usually only make it a chapter or two).

Is there a movie/show that you always return to?

“Schitt’s Creek”, “The IT Crowd”, and “The Office” are my go-tos after a long day.

What was the last book/movie/show that you actually found funny?

I tend to gravitate toward more dark topics in books and movies, like true crime. My favorite laugh-out-loud TV shows are “The IT Crowd” and “Schitt’s Creek”.

What’s your favorite Tulsa restaurant? Do you have any food/restaurant routines?

A few months ago, I would have said Laffa, but they closed down! I live in Broken Arrow, so we frequent Dos Bandidos in the Rose District. It’s my family’s go-to for good tacos and Mexican fries.

Is there a media/pop culture/entertainment/music side to you that students wouldn’t expect?

I played the viola through high school and was in the pit orchestra for “Grease” [sic] at my high school. I’m relearning it after 20 years now that my kids are both in orchestra. Also, Elton John is my all-time favorite musician. I have seen him in concert twice; once with Billy Joel in Detroit and then in Tulsa a few years ago for his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour.

What was it like to make the leap from freelancer to business owner?

Initially, it wasn’t too bad. I was making a profit and already had systems in place to get clients. However, things changed once I started adding employees. It can be way more stressful to own a business than work as a solo freelancer since others rely on you so much for their livelihood. But when you get a big team win, it’s also way more fun and rewarding!

Post Author: Shelby Hiens