Senior still doesn’t know where the library is

College is an important time for new experiences. From making friends, to attending classes, to exploring the campus, there’s a chance for growth around every corner. One of the biggest facilitators of self improvement is McFarlin Library – a quiet place to study, work in groups or find new books to read. Centrally located, and well illuminated, McFarlin Library is an architectural specimen like no other. It’s very hard to miss. Or so we thought.

Vivian Apisgo, a Computer Science senior, was overheard talking to her friend one day in Keplinger Hall. “I’ve been here four years. I’ve never seen it.” When asked what they were talking about, Apisgo told reporters at the State-Run Media that she had never seen, or been to, McFarlin Library.

“I didn’t even hear that we had a library until sometime in my sophomore year. You’d think the University would advertise that.” stated Apisgo.

Upon further conversation, it became apparent that the senior had missed out on many of the University’s treasures. “Have you seen that they re-did part of Keplinger? It’s so exciting to me. The University hasn’t taken on any major construction projects the entire time I’ve been here; it’s nice to see some new amongst all the old.” stated Apisgo. “I haven’t left Kep since 2013.”

At press time, Apisgo was overheard excitedly telling her friend about the school’s brand new mascot, Goldie.

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