Sexy advice for your sexy life

Try these tips at your own risk… of pleasure.

Are you and your loved one having trouble in the bedroom? Does there seem to be something missing when doing the deed? If so, here are some tips and tricks to shake things up during your sexy time and rebuild your relationship into something great.

Send pics of your junk to your partner randomly throughout the day to build tension
What is a better way of showing your sexual desire to your partner than showing them how much you are missing them down there? The answer is nothing, because this is the most straightforward way to express your feelings. The best time to send them pictures of your junk is when your partner is in the middle of class, at an important meeting or with their family.

Double the condoms mean double the protection
Wearing two condoms decreases the chance of getting your girl pregnant and decreases your chance of contracting sexual transmitted diseases. On top of this, two condoms means double the fun because of the increased safety!

Riding raw is right
Having sex with your partner without wearing proper protection feels so much better than wearing a condom. Best part is, if you have a disease, both of you can share the experience together. Sharing is caring.

Play the game “Bop It”
The iconic game that almost everyone played with when they were younger can also be incorporated into your private time. It is just like the original game, but instead of using the game, you will be using his penis. For example, when the game calls out “Bop it!” you bop the tip of his junk, and when the game calls out “Twist it!” you twist your hands around his shaft. Easy activity to do and up the game in the bedroom and leave your man speechless after.

Call your girl mommy
Screw stereotypes and call your girl mommy while going down on her. She will feel dominant and enjoy the change up in the bedroom. It will give her the feeling of empowerment because it will make her feel like you need her more, like a mother, and she will make sure you leave the room satisfied. Best thing is if you get hungry in the middle of your “fun time,” she will probably have food with her like all mothers do. So no need to make a sandwich run!

Vape juice is great lube
Have you ever tasted the sweet tang of heated, flavored liquid while feeling cool in today’s crowd? If you said yes, you probably own a vape or juul and have experienced the high of heated vape juice. Good news: you can still feel the same effects of the juice when you use it as lube during intercourse. Just add a few drops to the desired area and go at it. You will feel a difference almost immediately.

Follow this advice and your sex life will be like no other.

Post Author: Brooke-Lyne Holland