Shot for Shot

The Collegian team views and reviews a movie while getting uproariously drunk.

Note: All participants in the production of this article are either of legal drinking age or did not consume alcohol. Disparity in coherent prose should make as much evident.

Zach: Monsters university is a very silly movie. It has a lot of commentary on Greek Life, probably not in a way that ~45% of campus (Greek Life) would appreciate. Well they can just watch the original Monsters Inc. or Legally Blonde, because this movie is made for real gamers. I’m just kidding; love y’all.

This is a nice movie though, and it’s made much better by the fact that we are following it with Shrek 2. Plus it has Steve Buscemi and that guy is all right let me tell you.

Overall I cannot say that I have much to say about the movie. Like, it’s okay, but it does not do too much to make itself memorable. There are jokes occasionally, but they’re not too fantastic. This makes the second time I have seen it, and I probably would not watch it again. Honestly, invest your time in something a little more worthwhile, like another viewing of Shrek 2.

Piper: Monsters University said a lot about the university experience. I feel like the people who made this definitely wouldnt have been allowed to rush Roar Kappa Roar. There’s a lot of pent up rage at greek life there. I’m not saying i dont like it, . I’ve definitely seen that giant underbite frat monster walking on TU’s frat row. im just saying they didn’t need to go that hard.

I really liked randall’s villain origin story. Monsters University walked so The Joker could run. It’s so sad he really just wanted friends and what happened? He is still friendless.

I’m so glad that shot for shot was the perfect environment to tease out the nuances of these characters. Namely, there were a lot of controversial milves in this movie. I’m looking at you, Sherry. I can give you what Don Carlton couldn’t. Perhaps an even more controversial milf? The scary dean.

Maddie: Our main man Steve Buschemi stole the show. He had the perfect transformational character arc, only he turned from good to worse. Monster’s University offers ther backstory to the original film’s antagonist. I agree with Piper. The character arc for Randall rivals that of the Joker from the Joker. Spoiler alert, but not really because its been like two years, but in the Joker he’s invited to a chat show only to further make fun of him after they already ripped him earlier. In Monsters University, Randall is invited to a fraternity, but only as a ploy to make Sully jealous and when they initiate him, he’s just their scapegoat for their own pathetic performance in the final challenge of the annual scare challenge. At the end, everyone laughs and he’s still friendless….Sad!

I do not read Piper’s comments about Randall; creepy how we’re sharing the same single brain right now.

The dean also reminds me vaguely of a professor here…No, I will not elaborate.

Point point, I agree with Piper about the dean. It’s a divided household, but I agree.

Zachonly likes white milves

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