Six ways technology can help you focus in class

With today’s advancements in technology, it has never been easier for students and other miserable people to accomplish tasks and maximize workflow. Still, it is not always easy for us to stay focused during class time. Well today we’re going to show you six whole ways that you can start using today’s tech to increase focus and overall performance in class, today!
1. Laptops
Coming in at the first on our list, the laptop. It’s like a fully functioning computer, but smaller! Just set it on your desk, open it up and let the focusing begin! Anything you might need to do in class, you can do with a laptop. Browse the internet for a calculator, browse the internet to look up a word, browse the internet to find an article on how to stay focused in class or browse the internet! Although, you still might want to bring pencil and paper – it is undetermined whether or not laptops are capable of notetaking.
2. Tablets
Next on our list are tablets. They’re like a fully functioning laptop, but smaller! Research has found that the smaller size makes internet browsing 40 percent easier. And the touch screen capabilities of these babies are just like focus city man. Again no word on tablet note taking functions, but with the built-in high-resolution camera, all you have to do is take a picture of the teacher’s notes on the board! Make sure you hold it up high in the air, and leave the flash on to get the best picture. And there’s a neat little snap sound that happens when you take a picture, heard best with your volume all the way up.
3. Smart Phones
A smart phone is like a fully functioning tablet, but smaller! On top of those capabilities, it has all the functions of a cell phone as well. So texting and taking calls during class is a breeze!
4. Smart Watches
Smart watches are like fully functioning smart phones, but on your wrist! This recurring joke might be worn out by now, but you can be sure that a smart watch will last you a lifetime. And how much easier can doing stuff be when it’s all centrally located right there on your wrist? Plus, there’s this cool feature where when you start pressing buttons you can pretend you’re a secret agent and experience a momentary reprieve from the anguish and unending torment of a futile existence preceding inevitable mortality .
5. Microwave Toasters
Now so far, we’ve been discussing some pretty run-of-the-mill tech. But this next item on the list is truly at the forefront of modern technology. The microwave toaster is essentially a microwave that functions as a toaster, toasting items twice as fast and with half the carbon emissions. Easily stored in a backpack, it can be a life saver when you have to skip breakfast or lunch. No one can focus on an empty stomach!
6. Drones
Lastly, a hand-piloted drone might be the wisest financial decision you’ll ever make in college. Imagine, you’re seated in the back of a 200 student class and you simply can not make out what the professor is saying or writing on the board. Well worry not, because now all you have to do is fly that puppy right up to the front of the class where you can see and hear everything. In fact, you won’t even have to go to class anymore! You can just fly to all your classes right from the comfort or your dorm, hassle-free.
Technology has come a long way folks. Like, I’m not even entirely sure what a floppy disk is supposed to do. It’s time to stop living in the past. With these 6 time-saving and focus-enhancing devices, you can start making the most out of your class time. And if you don’t see an immediate improvement in your grades, then it’s because you’re a chemistry major and nothing can save you now.

Post Author: Sam Harrell