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Special Session budget bill roll-call

The 2017 Special Session began September 25, after the Oklahoma Supreme Court invalidated a cigarette fee in August. The ruling left a $215 million hole in the state budget. With the exception of a one week delay in which the state capitol building was under repairs, state senators and representatives have been meeting in Oklahoma City four days a week since to rework the budget.

House Bill 1054, which originated in the House, and then was passed in the Senate with significant revision, would have raised $132.9 million in new general revenue the remainder of this budget year and $441.4 million for the full 2019 fiscal year that begins July 1.

The bill would have raised the modified gross production tax for horizontal oil wells from 2 to 4 percent, increased fuel taxes 6 cents per gallon, assessed a $1.50 per pack surtax on cigarettes and raised taxes on other tobacco products and on low-alcohol beer. With $23.3 million from the constitutional reserve fund already appropriated, adoption of HB1054 would have left the Legislature about $50 million short of filling the $215 million hole.

Gov. Mary Fallin, who has been pushing for new revenue since this year’s regular session convened in February, said she was “imploring” the House to muster the 76 votes needed for passage. “Let’s prove we can solve our difficult budget problem and move our state forward,” Fallin said in a written statement.

Despite these efforts, the bill only received 71 of the 76 votes required.

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HB1054X a.k.a. “The Bipartisan Budget Bill”

Required to pass: 76
Yeas: 71
Nays: 27
Excused: 1
Vacant: 2

Greg Babinec, R-33, representing Logan and Payne counties, (405) 557-7304
Regina Goodwin, D-73, representing Osage and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7406
Matt Meredith, D-4, representing Cherokee county, (405) 557-7408
Todd Russ, R-55, representing Beckham, Greer, Kiowa, Roger Mills and Washita counties, (405) 557-7312
Rhonda Baker, R-60, representing Caddo and Canadian counties, (405) 557-7311
Claudia Griffith, D-45, representing Cleveland county, (405) 557-7386
John Montgomery, R-62, representing Comanche county, (405) 557-7374
Mike Sanders, R-59, representing Blaine, Canadian, Dewey, Kingfisher and Woodward counties, (405) 557-7407
Forrest Bennett, D-92, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7404
Elise Hall, R-100, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7403
Glen Mulready, R-68, representing Creek and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7340
Earl Sears, R-11, representing Rogers, Tulsa and Washington counties, (405) 557-7358
Meloyde Blancett, D-78, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7334
Katie Henke, R-71, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7361
Cyndi Munson, D-85, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7392
Johnny Tadlock, D-1, representing LeFlore and McCurtain counties, (405) 557-7363
Carol Bush, R-70, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7359
Kyle Hilbert, R-29, representing Creek and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7353
Casey Murdock, R-61, representing Beaver, Cimarron, Ellis, Harper, Texas and Woodward counties, (405) 557-7384
Zack Taylor, R-28, representing Pottawatomie and Seminole counties, (405) 557-7372
Chad Caldwell, R-40, representing Garfield county, (405) 557-7317
Chuck Hoskin, D-6, representing Craig, Mayes and Rogers counties, (405) 557-7319
Carl Newton, R-58, representing Alfalfa, Major, Woods and Woodward counties, (405) 557-7339
Todd Thomsen, R-25, representing Pontotoc county, (405) 557-7336
Ed Cannaday, D-15, representing Haskell, LeFlore, McIntosh, Muskogee , Pittsburg and Sequoyah counties, (405) 557-7375
Justin Humphrey, R-19, representing Atoka, Bryan, Choctaw and Pushmataha counties, (405) 557-7382
Monroe Nichols, D-72, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7391
Steve Vaughan, R-37, representing Kay and Osage counties, (405) 557-7355
Dennis Casey, R-35, representing Creek, Noble, Osage, Pawnee and Payne counties, (405) 557-7344
John Paul Jordan, R-43, representing Canadian county, (405) 557-7352
Jadine Nollan, R-66, representing Osage and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7390
Emily Virgin, D-44, representing Cleveland county, (405) 557-7323
Josh Cockroft, R-27, representing Cleveland and Pottawatomie counties, (405) 557-7349
Chris Kannady, R-91, representing Cleveland county, (405) 557-7337
Charles Ortega, R-52, representing Greer, Harmon, Jackson and Kiowa counties, (405) 557-7369
Collin Walke, D-87, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7335
Donnie Condit, D-18, representing Coal, Hughes, McIntosh and Pittsburg counties, (405) 557-7376
Dell Kerbs, R-26, representing Pottawatomie county, (405) 557-7345
Leslie Osborn, R-47, representing Canadian and Grady counties, (405) 557-7333
Kevin Wallace, R-32, representing Lincoln and Logan counties, (405) 557-7368
Mickey Dollens, D-93, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7371
Mark Lawson, R-30, representing Creek and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7414
Mike Osburn, R-81, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7360
Weldon Watson, R-79, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7330
Jason Dunnington, D-88, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7396
Mark Lepak, R-9, representing Rogers county, (405) 557-7380
Pat Ownbey, R-48, representing Carter, Garvin and Murray counties, (405) 557-7326
Josh West, R-5, representing Delaware and Mayes counties, (405) 557-7415
Jon Echols, R-90, representing Cleveland and Oklahoma counties, (405) 557-7354
Ben Loring, D-7, representing Delaware and Ottawa counties, (405) 557-7399
Scooter Park, R-65, representing Caddo, Comanche, Cotton, Grady and Stephens counties, (405) 557-7305
Tammy West, R-84, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7348
Scott Fetgatter, R-16, representing Muskogee, Okmulgee, Tulsa and Wagoner counties, (405) 557-7373
Jason Lowe, D-97, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7367
David Perryman, D-56, representing Caddo, Grady and Kiowa counties, (405) 557-7401
Rande Worthen, R-64, representing Comanche county, (405) 557-7398
Roger Ford, R-95, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7314
Ryan Martinez, R-39, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7342
John Pfeiffer, R-38, representing Garfield, Grant, Kay, Logan and Noble counties, (405) 557-7332
Harold Wright, R-57, representing Beckham, Blaine, Caddo, Canadian and Custer counties, (405) 557-7325
William Fourkiller, D-86, representing Adair, Cherokee and Delaware counties, (405) 557-7394
Randy McDaniel, R-83, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7409
Brian Renegar, D-17, representing Latimer, LeFlore and Pittsburg counties, (405) 557-7381
George Young, D-99, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7393
Avery Frix, R-13, representing McIntosh and Muskogee counties, (405) 557-7302
Kevin McDugle, R-12, representing Wagoner county, (405) 557-7388
Dustin Roberts, R-21, representing Bryan county, (405) 557-7366
Speaker Charles McCall, R-22, representing Atoka, Garvin, Johnston and Murray counties, (405) 557-7412
Karen Gaddis, D-75, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7356
Marcus McEntire, R-50, representing Jefferson and Stephens counties, (405) 557-7327
Jacob Rosecrants, D-46, representing Cleveland county, (405) 557-7329

Kevin Calvey, R-82, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7357
George Faught, R-14, representing Cherokee and Muskogee counties, (405) 557-7310
Lewis Moore, R-96, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7400
Shane Stone, D-89, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7397
Bobby Cleveland, R-20, representing Cleveland, Garvin, McClain and Pottawatomie counties, (405) 557-7308
Tom Gann, R-8, representing Mayes, Rogers and Wagoner counties, (405) 557-7364
Jason Murphey, R-31, representing Logan and Oklahoma counties, (405) 557-7350
Chuck Strohm, R-69, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7331
Jeff Coody, R-63, representing Comanche and Tillman counties, (405) 557-7307
Tommy Hardin, R-49, representing Carter, Love and Marshall counties, (405) 557-7383
Terry O’Donnell, R-23, representing Rogers, Tulsa and Wagoner counties, (405) 557-7379
Tess Teague, R-100, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7395
Dale Derby, R-74, representing Rogers and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7377
Scott Inman, D-94, representing Oklahoma county, (405) 557-7370
Eric Proctor, D-77, representing Rogers and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7410
Kevin West, R-54, representing Cleveland and Oklahoma counties, (405) 557-7343
Tim Downing, R-42, representing Garvin and McClain counties, (405) 557-7365
Steve Kouplen, D-24, representing Hughes, Okfuskee and Okmulgee counties, (405) 557-7306
Mike Ritze, R-80, representing Tulsa and Wagoner counties, (405) 557-7338
Rick West, R-3, representing LeFlore county, (405) 557-7413
Travis Dunlap, R-10, representing Nowata, Osage and Washington counties, (405) 557-7402
Mark McBride, R-53, representing Cleveland county, (405) 557-7346
Sean Roberts, R-36, representing Osage and Tulsa counties, (405) 557-7322
Cory Williams, D-34, representing Payne county, (405) 557-7411
John Enns, R-41, representing Canadian, Garfield, Kingfisher and Oklahoma counties, (405) 557-7321
Scott McEachin, R-67, representing Tulsa county, (405) 557-7341
Michael Rogers, R-98, representing Tulsa and Wagoner counties, (405) 557-7362

John Bennett, R-2, representing Sequoyah county, (405) 557-7315

District 51, representing Grady, McClain and Stephens counties
District 76, representing Tulsa county

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