Spooky cocktails to drink alone

It’s about that time of year, again. No, not that time of year, I’m talking about Halloween. It’s time to dress up as your favorite person, thing or emoji, and for partying with your friends, if you have them. I haven’t had friends since third grade and ever since, I’ve been trying to drink that thought out from my head. So if you’re like me and plan to sit alone on Halloween, watch Ghostbusters II, and drink away your pain, then you’ll appreciate these spook-tacular drinks that I’ve come across over the years.

The Purge: One day a year, anything and everything goes,
Served over rocks:
1 part SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade
1 part Great Value® Prune Juice

Mountain Boo: I won this recipe in a game of poker from myself.
1 part Everclear® Grain Alcohol
4 parts Mountain Dew

The Scrambler: It’s just like drinking an omelette
3 – 5 medium to large eggs
¼ cup of chives
¼ lb. ham or bacon — cooked
¼ cup Smirnoff Nacho Cheese flavored vodka

Life’s a witch: For taking the edge off when life is hard
½ part Sodium Hypochlorite
5 parts tonic water
½ part Ammonia
5 parts Jameson Irish Whiskey

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