Spoon University offers health tips

The University of Tulsa chapter of Spoon University seeks additional contributors and members.

Many new college students have never lived away from home and have no idea how to cook, let alone figure out what they are supposed to do with that bread and peanut butter in their cabinets. Additionally, when they move into student housing, they feel lost in the kitchen and resort to a fast food lifestyle. On the other hand, there are students who are not local to their colleges and may be unaware of where to shop for groceries or where nearby food and coffee hotspots are.

Fortunately for those lost in the sauce, two college students developed an idea as an outlet for recipes and the local food scene in 2007, and Spoon University was born. Owned by Scripps Network (which also owns Food Network), it’s found worldwide today, bringing food hacks to a college campus near you. The University of Tulsa chapter of Spoon University is an online food blog designed for the purpose of bringing awareness about TU’s local food and wellness scene.

Nutrition and exercise are each major pieces of the total wellness model for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Though it is more focused on the food aspect, Spoon University espouses itself as the perfect social media platform for sharing wellness ideas for both topics of nutrition and exercise.

In addition to sharing information about the local food community, it is also a place to share culturally diverse recipes and to provide education and awareness for international food scenes that would not normally be available anywhere else.

The University of Tulsa’s chapter of Spoon University is headed by student Annie Martin, who has expressed interest in recruiting other students to the cause. Members are not required to have previous culinary experience; all you need is an interest in eating.

TU’s chapter is looking for anyone who is interested in participating. Those with skills and an interest in marketing, photography, videography, writing, social media management and eating are encouraged to apply. Participating looks great on a resume and fills bellies.

Hosting Spoon University events is also part of membership. Past events include a watch party at Fuel 66 with the TU Alumni Association, a free student yoga class and a culinary class provided for Street School, a school for children who are at high risk of not graduating due to various life circumstances.

Upcoming events include a November food drive and faculty talks about food research next semester. Spoon University at TU holds weekly meetings in the Student Union every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Those who are interested in more information should attend a meeting or reach out to Annie at martinannie1996@gmail.com and may also look on www.spoonuniversity.com/utulsa, Instagram and Facebook. Anyone who is interested in joining Spoon University should visit www.spoonuniversity.com/apply to apply. There is a one-time $15 membership fee. The TU chapter will be notified of the application and will make the acceptance decision.

Post Author: Heber Hurd