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Starting the year off right with new podcast recommendations

Columnist Hana Saad starts off the year with a myriad of podcast recommendations.

As we wrap up the first month of the year, it’s never too late to listen to some inspiring or helpful podcasts! If you’ve never listened to any podcasts or haven’t ventured beyond your favorite shows, perhaps now is the time to expand your weekly rotation of podcasts.

Two shows that I think will be invaluable resources to anyone trying to take care of their mental health are “The Daily Shine” and “Sleep Cove.” “The Daily Shine” is a soothing meditation that has a new prompt and word of advice for its listeners every day. The speakers’ voices are calming and the background music is gentle. Often, episodes include a journal prompt (but if you don’t have a journal, you can simply follow along). These episodes are a nice way to start off the day, offering encouragement in episodes that are 10 minutes or less.

“Sleep Cove” is similar in terms of the way the episodes are presented. A charming British man narrates these episodes, which are accompanied by pleasant background music. “Sleep Cove” offers a variety of different episodes to help its listeners gently fall asleep, from stories like “Beauty and the Beast” to sleep visualizations. The variety is a good thing because some nights you need distraction to fall asleep whereas other nights you need to simply relax.

I know that almost everybody has a favorite podcast. That’s why I asked my Instagram followers what podcasts they were listening to as we go into the new year. This is what they had to say!

“99% Invisible,” suggested by Rosalind Hobbs (@roshobbs). This intriguing podcast explores the behind-the-scenes power of architecture and design.

“Dream a Little Deeper,” suggested by Sam Modde (@sam.modde). Fun fact! This show is a Disney-themed podcast run by former University of Tulsa graduates!

“Two Hot Takes,” suggested by Lisa Lam (@lisaxxlam). This show is funny and something that Lam listens to “all the time!”

“Office Ladies,” suggested by Caitlin Sullivan (@caitlinisabelleanne). “The Office” co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey re-watch episodes of “The Office” and give exclusive information about the show.

“The Liturgist Podcast,” suggested by Emilee Adair (@emilee.adair). This podcast “helped to redirect and deconstruct” her faith. Perfect for the new year.

“Going Mental with Eileen Kelly,” suggested by Margaret Laprarie (@margaretlaprarie). The show dives deep into mental health and sex education.

“The Letterboxd Show,” suggested by Claire Abkemeier (@claire.abkemeier). This podcast covers all things movies from the creators of Letterboxd.

“Unlocking Us with Brene Brown,” suggested by Hannah Vance (@hannah.vance). A longtime fan of Brown’s work, Vance loves this podcast because it has in-depth conversations about life.

Even though we’re almost done with January, it’s never too late to listen to a new podcast. You never know, you might just find your newest favorite show after listening to any of these suggestions!

All of these podcasts are available on your favorite streaming platforms.

Post Author: Hana Saad