Stead lights up Chapman Commons

Night Light is an event at the University of Tulsa where on one evening all the lights surrounding the Chapman Commons are turned on to kick off the holiday season.

The President of the University, Steadman Upham, invited the University of Tulsa and the Tulsa communities to the third annual Night Light at TU on Nov. 18, which started at 5:15 p.m. and went until 6 p.m.

After a speech from Upham, there was a drum roll and the lights were turned on. It was an amazing view to see all the trees surrounding the Chapman Commons and the apartments shining in blue lights.

Within a moment half of the place was covered in blue. Additionally all the guests got a little blue light which they could clip on their jackets and a light stick that they could wave into the air. It was an amazing view to see all the lights, and Channel 6 did a live broadcast during the event.

The event was accompanied by various groups who sang different Christmas songs. The 109 children of the University School (a grade school on TU’s campus), directed by Kathy Call, started with performances of some popular Christmas melodies. They raised their hands and waved their blue lights into the air.

Motivated by the children, the audience joined in, also waving their lights into the air. After they finished their performance the Cappella Chamber Singers, a smaller auditioned ensemble that performs music of higher caliber, entered the stage. They are a university group lead by Prof. Kim Childs.

The last singers were the Phi Mu Alpha fraternity singers, directed under Jack Conley, who were impressive with their high range of different voices.

All guests were invited to sit together, drink hot chocolate and coffee, and eat delicious cookies.

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