courtesy University of Tulsa

Student body votes NO CONFIDENCE in Levit [805-264]

This week the student body of the University of Tulsa voted No Confidence in Provost and Interim President Levit by a margin of 805 to 264 with 1,072 students voting. This number of voters surpasses the 10 percent threshold necessary to make the vote official; approximately one in four students voted with a turnout rate of 26 percent. Student Association (SA) conducted the digital vote from Wednesday, Feb. 19 to Thursday, Feb. 20 through Harvey alongside their regularly scheduled elections.

The vote stemmed from a petition that collected almost 400 signatures, well above the five percent of the student body necessary for the petition’s question to become a Harvey referendum. However, earlier this week two anonymous students contested the vote, but after a trial by the judicial branch of SA, the suit was denied and the vote allowed to proceed.

Faculty at TU voted no-confidence in then-president Gerard Clancy and Provost Levit in November of last year in a vote sponsored by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). That vote resulted in the Faculty Senate addressing the results in multiple following meetings, but it remains to be seen if SA will do the same.