Student goes entire weekend not knowing Tulsa Timer’s name

The university opened up for high school students last weekend in a biannual event called “Tulsa Time.” During this event high school students, called “Tulsa Timers,” shadow a current TU student with whom it is assumed they will form a bond.

The State-Run Media spoke with one student, freshman John Piazza, who just said goodbye to his Tulsa Timer.

“Yeah, that kid was a lot of fun,” Piazza told reporters. “He seemed to really be interested in TU, and he was real popular with my friends.”

When asked the name of his Tulsa Timer, Piazza shifted his gaze, finally shrugging and saying, “I have no clue.”

Piazza’s Tulsa Time shadow reportedly introduced himself when they first met, but after that it “just never came up.”

“I felt kind of bad forgetting his name,” said Piazza, “But it would have been awkward asking him to repeat it, so I just went the whole weekend avoiding any situation where I would need it.”

Piazza reportedly got away with calling his Tulsa Timer things like, “You,” “Man,” and “Dude,” and the high school senior never seemed to notice he was never once addressed by name.

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