Student “Peeping Tom” arrested, charged

University of Tulsa student Yonas Clarke was arrested by TPD last month on voyeurism charges. He was booked into the David L. Moss detention center on Jan. 16, after being arrested at his off-campus home.

Around 1 a.m. that morning, a university employee reported seeing someone looking into a dormitory window on Sorority Row. When Campus Security arrived, they found and detained Clarke.

According to the arresting officer’s probable cause report, Clarke told Campus Security officers that he had used his cell phone to take photos of a woman while she dressed. This took place four days earlier on Jan. 12 near the Delta Delta Delta sorority house.

TPD sex crime detectives obtained a search warrant for Clarke’s phone and identified the woman in the photos. Detectives interviewed the victims from each of the two incidents. One of the women wishes the press charges.

On Jan. 23, Clarke was formally charged with two misdemeanors, “Peeping Tom” and obstructing an officer, and one felony, “Peeping Tom” with an electronic device.

Sophi McArthur, president of Delta Delta Delta sorority, was informed of the incident by Campus Security. “I have heard girls say that they have been suspicious of people lingering around Sorority Row late at night,” said McArthur, “but this is the first time I have heard of an actual incident occurring.”

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