Students elect new SA Senate officers

SA’s Senate is divided into different constituencies, each of which receives a certain number of seats. Five senators are at-large. Every academic college at TU receives two senators. Every residential community receives five senators except for Greek housing, which only receives two due to fewer people living in Greek housing.

Each semester, half of the seats are open for election. In the case of there being an odd number of seats, the fall semester has the extra.

Below are the results of the senate election. People who won their election are in bold. Incumbents are italicized.

At-large (3 available seats)
Austin Carr, 301
Austin Raney, 212
Luke Lau, 209
Kate Tillotson, 207

College of Arts and Sciences (1 available seat)
Courtney Spivey, 67
Cody Watson, 43

College of Business (1 available seat)
Muneeb Yousufi, 48
Grant Scheppler, 36

College of Engineering and Natural Sciences (1 available seat)
Jeremy Eavey, 95
Andrew Hanson, 75
Michael Blackshear, 65

College of Health Sciences (1 available seat)
Madison Pickett, 5
Savannah Phelps, 4
Katie Burgy, 0
College of Law (1 available seat)

Graduate school (1 available seat)
Michael Mancini, 9

Residence Halls (3 available seats)
Michaela Perez, 103
Sam Trizza, 98
Brent Shafer, 82
John Lake, 58
Kyle Barker, 23

Apartments (3 available seats)
Saswat Das, 92

Commuters (3 available seats)
Dana Thomas, 63
Joanna George, 33
Eric Ko, 28
Joey Zitzman, 27

Greek Housing (1 available seat)
Taylor Birkes, 41
Kimberly Bartlett, 11

For those constituencies that do not have all of the seats filled, SA Vice President Whitney Cipolla has the authority to appoint people to fill them.

There was a problem in the election for the College of Health Sciences. For an unknown reason, students could not vote for all of the eligible candidates on Harvey. Therefore, another election was held on the 19th and 20th in both ACAC and the College of Health Sciences building.

The decision to hold another election was reached collectively by President Haley Anderson, Vice President Cipolla, Executive Director of Elections and Policy Joshua Garland and Executive Director of Technological Development Tali Harris.

There is no provision in SA’s governing documents that allows an election to be rescheduled. However, Garland believes that the governing documents are broad enough so that those four officers can declare another election in these circumstances.

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