Students on Springfest

Darcy Elmore:
1. “I don’t think Springfest is a bad thing…I think funds around the school are misused, considering how much money we have.”

Karly Newell:
1. “Yeah, Springfest is really fun and it’s a great opportunity for students to take a break from finals in the spring. I think it’s great!”
2. “I don’t know, I definitely liked last year’s though; it matched the vibe of Tulsa, artsy like downtown, you know?”

Haley Rooney:
1.“No, I feel like it would be better to have more smaller events rather than one week of large events, because it’s really difficult to attend this many events in a compacted time. The seven to eight or six to eight every day, you can’t make those times consistently.”
2. “Stereotypical themes should really be steered away from because almost all schools have proms with those themes so everyone has already been through them. Currently with the Mabee Week theme, my high school did the exact same theme, and we did all of the exact same stuff, it just feels very repetitive.”

Joey Penna and Stuart Cornett:
1. “I think it’s a wonderful use of SA’s money and lets all the people of the campus come together and have fun and just have a good time.
2. Personally, I think we should make it more interactive for the students, not that they’re not already having a great experience, but this way you can multiply that.”
2. “I like the outdoor kind of stuff. We’re always inside, it’s nice to do outdoorsy stuff. Like the movie on the lawn!”

Sarah Pook:
2. “Here’s my theme: we do TV shows, every event is based off a popular Netflix show. For example, do a frozen banana stand from Arrested Development; the money is always in the banana stand, that’s the scavenger hunt. Day 2, House of Cards, literal house of cards building competition, and then you have to find out who is the most corrupt team there. Bob’s Burgers, we have a burger stand, The Office, office Olympics, and the student body as a whole elects a Dwight and everyone pranks that person all week.”

Will Schuller:
1. “I definitely think Springfest is a good use of money, just by seeing how many students go to the events throughout the week. And they’ve done a good job this year of getting bands that all the students are really excited about.”
2. “I can’t think of one off the top of my head. I really like the theme this year with all the big superhero movies coming out.”

Gracie Kempf:
1. “Heck yes it’s a good use of money. I dig it because it’s a good way to bring people together at the end of the year. I think not very many people have a chance to hang out as a group at Tulsa because with SA funding it’s all really club-to-club basis, so it’s good because it’s like the one time where you can actually create solidarity between people.”
2. “Hunger Games, and clubs have to kill each other off, but figuratively. It would be like a scavenger hunt.”

Aaron Krusniak:
1. “It seems like a lot of people are coming here, a lot of people are enjoying it, free food is always a plus. It’s great.”
2. “Space expedition and exploration, I think that would be pretty cool.”

Chase Gordon:
1. “Yeah absolutely, it brings the campus together for certain events. I certainly believe that it’s able to unite the campus around a central theme for a whole week and bring people to know more about the school and each other in a sense.”
2. “I would get Andolini’s Food Truck, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

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