Suit up for the Career Fair

Stand out and be yourself during the spring semester Career Fair.
It is that time of the semester when The University of Tulsa organizes a large-scale Career Fair for students to gain experience, find opportunities and connect with major employers. All students are encouraged to go as TU does its best to fill the fair with opportunities to suit all different majors and fields of interest. This event will take place in the Reynolds Center on Feb. 28 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., but if this is your first time going in, here are a few tips on how to stand out and be prepared for this fair and the next.

The University of Tulsa’s CaneCareers team works hard to help students find a job in their chosen field of interest upon graduation. They are the same team that hosts all of the Prepare for the Fair events, which consist of multiple workshops leading up to the Career Fair to help students acquire resources and confidence. The events consist of a resume workshop, where they help you fine-tune your resume in time for the fair, mock interviews to help you speak confidently and professionally and closet raids, where students have the opportunity to find the perfect outfit for free. Most events took place last week, leaving the Rock the Mock event for last, which will take place Monday, Feb. 26 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. This workshop is built to help students with interview settings and conversations with employers. Although most of these events have happened already, look out for them in future semesters before the next Career Fair.

On the day of the Career Fair, it is important to pack the essentials. A notebook and pen will help you take down notes, contact information and more tips the employers like to give out to help you succeed. Also, bring several copies of your resume to show off how qualified you are for the job and to make yourself stand out to employers. If you are worried about bringing too few or too many, 15 copies is how many we recommend to keep on hand during your walk through the Reynolds Center concourse and court.

Your outfit is the perfect way to make a good first impression on employers. The encouraged attire is business professional, but it is understandable if that is not possible due to your schedule. When looking for business professional attire, Pinterest is a great place to look for some inspiration if you were not able to make it to the closet raid event last week.

If you are nervous about talking to company representatives, a great way to practice is with a friend or even just in a mirror. Speaking strongly and confidently during the Career Fair will show that you are calm, cool and collected in a professional atmosphere. But also remember, this will not make or break your future. The Career Fair is a great space to be when you are starting out because everyone is probably just as nervous as you. Talk highly of yourself, nothing you do is too small to be notable. Employers not only want to hear about your qualifications and experience in the field, but they also want a glimpse of you as a person. Your goals, ambitions and future plans will catch their eyes as they want someone who knows what they want, someone who wants to build themselves up.

For other tips and tricks about preparing for the Career Fair, CaneCareers has multiple guides. If you want a glimpse of who will be there, they also have a list posted of all the companies and schools that will be there throughout the fair on their Instagram. This is a great way to start your journey into the workforce. Remember to take a deep breath because you got this.

Post Author: Isabella Herrera