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Collegian Seniors graduate, bid their farewells

J. Christopher Proctor

There are no rules that cannot be broken. I’ve learned a lot of things from my three years at the Collegian, but no lesson has been as impactful, or as persistent, as the idea that the rules we thought were so critical, so basic to what we do each week, could be easily shattered.

In the spring of 2012 we at the Collegian had a groundbreaking realization that covers of the Collegian did not all have to look the same. The hard and fast rules we had held ourselves to—no photos over three columns long, at least three articles and two photos on the cover, the list goes on and on—were swept away, and the result was an exciting semester and a much more interesting paper.

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Year’s end brings exciting opportunities for TU students

By Sara Douglas
 Staff Writer

The University of Tulsa is chock-full of winners, both of awards and life—that means you, awesome person! Our student body accomplishes a lot academically, athletically, artistically, and otherwise, especially for being a small school. 

Recently, achievements have been highlighted by the 17th Annual Research Colloquium, awarding of nationally competitive scholarships, and conferences to which student organizations have been invited. 

The Research Colloquium was a weeklong event during which 205 TU students gave 20-minute oral presentations over their research projects, or created a poster for their work to be displayed in a poster session. 

Photo courtesy Caitlin Pegg. Caitlin Pegg was an NSF winner.

Photo courtesy James Johnston. James Johnston won a Fulbright grant.

Photo courtesy Jo Bunselmeyer. Weston Kightlinger, NSF and Tau Beta Pi scholarship winner, holds a shark he found on the TU Treks spring break trek to Texas last year. 

Photo courtesy Michael Nguyen. Goldwater winner and biology and chemical engineering major Devin Stranford (right) sits alongside fellow chemical engineering major Alex Chong.

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Justify Your Major: Psychology

By Patrick Creedon 
 Commentary Editor

The philosophers of old were driven by their desire to know empirically what made up not only the world but man. This desire oft went unfulfilled due to the mercurial nature of people’s consciousness and the inherent biases of the individual philosophers. 

The nature of the mind has always fascinated those philosophers, but it was not until the late 1800s that anyone resembling a scientist began to tackle the problem of ascertaining individual variations in thought. That was when Wilhelm Wundt set up the first psychology laboratory at the University of Leipzig. 

Therein lies the goal of the psychological sciences: to measure, model and predict the way people behave, think and perceive in our world. That desire for clarity in regards to understanding humanity remains very popular, as psychology is one of the most, if not the most, popular major in the United States. 

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TU student Jade Moon Dittus to showcase work at The Phoenix

By Helen Patterson
 Staff Writer

Jade Moon Dittus, a senior Fine Arts Major at TU, will debut her paintings and prints in a show entitled “Pieces” throughout the month of May at The Phoenix, located at 1302 E. 6th Street. The Phoenix regularly displays the work of an Artist of the Month without cost to the artist. Jade will be the first TU student to have a show there. She is very enthusiastic about working with The Phoenix. She says that “it’s always about the artist there.” There is an opening reception at The Phoenix on Thursday, May 1 from 6–9 p.m.

As part of her graduation requirements as a fine arts major, Jade was required to put together her own show. She had to find the venue herself and do all of the advertising, which was a daunting and time-consuming process. However, it all came together in “Pieces.” 

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Dan Patten: a retrospective

In celebration of Dan Patten’s recently announced candidacy for city council, we at the Collegian are taking a look back at some of the best articles written by or about Patten while he was at TU.

Below: Taken from the April 7, 2009, issue, this letter by James Santucci advocates Patten in the upcoming presidential election and professes the belief that Patten is capable of being in multiple places at once.

Above right: In this Oct. 27, 2009, letter, Patten announces his first use of the presidential veto, killing a bill to make the Caf trayless. 

Below right: By April 6, 2010, Patten’s term was drawing to a close. In this letter, he describes the up-and-coming SA executive candidates with some truly groan-worthy rhymes.

All articles courtesy Collegian archives.

Former SA president runs for city council

By Conor Fellin
 Managing Editor

Dan Patten, a University of Tulsa alumnus and Student Association’s president during the 2009–2010 school year, entered the race for the District 4 seat of Tulsa City Council on April 15. Patten will be running against incumbent and Blue Ox Dining Group owner Blake Ewing.

The Collegian talked to Patten about the race, his time at TU and his plans for Tulsa.

Patten recalls being an underdog in his race for SA president, when he ran against SA’a former vice president and its chief of staff. Despite this, Patten “ran a good campaign” and won the presidency.

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