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A mascot rises

By Witt Womack
Staff Writer

Every superhero has an origin story, and Captain ‘Cane is no exception.

The story on the Tulsa Official Athletic Site tells of a freshman IT technician, Colin Cane, who, through the “cyber-athletic” forces of a “binary vortex,” transformed into the evidently balding superhero with a lightning sword.

Despite the presence of electrocution, the mascot’s fictional inception would probably have been a less prolonged, painful process than ‘Cane’s actual introduction to the University of Tulsa.


The current incarnation of Captain ’Cane is one of a long line of hurricane-based mascots at the University of Tulsa. Herc (far left) was TU’s first storm-themed mascot. When Captain ’Cane (second from left) was first designed in 1988, he was to serve as Herc’s fisherman companion. Eventually, the name Captain ’Cane was simply applied to a reworked Herc (upper middle to far right). The current Captain ’Cane dons a superhero suit (center).

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