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Holiday Insanity

By Alexander White
Student Writer 

Keith had been Christmas shopping for his two kids at the mall all day and was worn thin. The venture had taken its toll, and when he started driving home in his blue minivan he was not in a good mood. The path home took him along a sweeping empty country road. 

Looking in his rearview mirror, he saw another middle-aged man driving a minivan down the narrow road accelerate to pass him to his left, and then immediately slow down to take the next right. Keith slammed on the breaks and a few presents in the front seat spilled onto the floor. Words he’d rarely used since college spewed from his mouth and he flipped off the man in the minivan. The man stuck his hand out the sun-roof and proudly displayed his longest finger in response. 

Keith gripped the steering wheel ‘till his knuckles turned white and he turned right, boiling with rage, following the man even though it wasn’t the direction he needed to go. The two minivans’ engines strained painfully as both drivers had their feet to the floor. Keith pulled up to the left of the other man’s car and yelled obscenities, glaring in between breaths. The other man did the same and they ate road and rubber together. They were taking up both lanes of the road and approaching dangerous speeds in their twin clunkers. 

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