The Bleacher Creature

Anybody want some tea?
You gotta love it when one of your hometown teams has a controversy that gets picked up by the media. It makes you feel like a supremely qualified expert even though you’re probably not any closer to the situation than that armchair GM from the other side of the country who you’ve been screaming at. In unrelated news, let me tell you what’s what with this whole Isaiah Thomas – Paul Pierce situation. The quick rundown: the Celtics were all set to give my son Isaiah a tribute video when the Cavaliers rolled into town in early January, but due to his family not being able to attend the game, The Little Guy requested that the Celts push the video back to their next matchup in February. Only problem is that happened to be the same day as Pierce’s jersey retirement, and the Truth took exception to the idea that his night would be shared by another player. Now after much hullabaloo, it’s been decided that no video will be shown. My analysis of the situation? Prepare for some lukewarm takes. One, Pierce has a legitimate beef, even if it seems a bit petty. Imagine if during your wedding reception everyone stopped halfway through to sing happy birthday to one of the guests. It would probably feel a little disrespectful and unnecessary, no? And for anyone claiming otherwise, Pierce absolutely deserves this night — he’s as important and beloved to Celtics fans as Kobe is to the Lakers (if not quite as great). And two, clowns like Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo need to shut the hell up and stop bashing poor Isaiah by saying he doesn’t even deserve a tribute video. Excuse me guys, he put up the highest scoring season anyone has ever had in a Celtics uniform, became one of the most beloved individual stars in team history, led a young team way ahead of schedule to the conference finals and oh yeah, CONTINUED TO BUST HIS ASS IN THE PLAYOFFS AFTER KNOCKING OUT A TOOTH, BUSTING HIS HIP AND LOSING HIS SISTER IN A TRAGIC CAR ACCIDENT!!! Don’t worry, I’m calm. But pretending that Isaiah meant nothing to this team, not even enough to earn a short thank-you, is abject nonsense. And for the record? Thomas over Rondo any day and every day.

Calling my shot
Bear in mind that Sundays are layout days for “The Collegian” and we’ve already finished writing our articles by then. I don’t even need to watch the games to tell you that a Patriots – Vikings Super Bowl is coming. First off, destiny is for sure smiling on Minnesota. They lose their star rookie running back back in September, have a dire QB situation turn into an MVP-like campaign for Case Keenum, pull off one of the most improbable victories in NFL history last week against the Saints and now have the opportunity to advance to the Super Bowl at home??? Sorry Eagles fans, but even with Carson Wentz I would say there’s no stopping this train. As for the AFC matchup, I’m fully aware that Jacksonville has one of the most terrifying defenses in recent memory and that Leonard Fournette could be the Next Great RB. But at the end of the day, picking the Jags over the Pats would mean choosing Blake Bortles over Tom Brady. Injured hand be damned, do you really think that’s a smart play? I know I’ve read something that will convince you … Ah here it is, the Gospel according to Bill, chapter 14, verse six: “And Tom answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Super Bowl except through me.” See you in Minnesota.

Post Author: Justin Guglielmetti