The Collegian rates artists’ 2023 Grammy outfits

There’s more to the Grammys than just the music, says sports editor Callie Hummel.

Housing some of the biggest names in the music industry, the Grammys once again gave people something to talk about for weeks after the event ended. The 2023 Grammys were held on Feb. 5 and although it was an award show for music, that doesn’t mean the artists didn’t look to outdo each other in their red carpet Grammy outfits.

Cardi B – Gaurav Gupta – 9/10

Cardi B wore a blue mermaid-fit dress with cutouts on the stomach and pieces of the dress holding high above her head.

Even though she wasn’t nominated for any awards, Cardi B came, and as always, made a statement. She even had an outfit change from walking the red carpet to when she was announcing the rap album of the year, which went to Kendrick Lamar. The dress of course housed a large cutout, the new big thing that was seen by many others on the red carpet. The top of the dress that held high above Cardi B’s head truly made it ‘high’ fashion

Taylor Swift – Roberto Cavalli – 8/10

Taylor Swift wore a dark blue, long sleeve sparkly two piece dress that showed off her stomach.

After the release of her new album “Midnights”, it became the most streamed album in a day, breaking Drake’s record with 184.6 million streams on Spotify in its first 24 hours. To personify the album, Swift attended the Grammys with a navy blue, sparkly two-piece dress. Many thought the purple on her earrings was a hint to the announcement of her “Taylor’s Version” re-recording of her Sparks Fly album. Although Taylor looked stunning and matched her album perfectly, the dress was a bit simple, like something I would have worn to my senior prom if there wasn’t a global pandemic.

Harry Styles – Egonlab – 4/10

Harry Styles wore a rainbow patterned sparkly jumpsuit without a shirt underneath and white dress shoes.

The September Gucci fashion show “Twinsburg” showed the public the kind of creative genius Gucci is looking to accomplish. With Styles’ long-term collaboration with Gucci, one would expect his outfit to the Grammys to follow this same innovative and exploratory look. Instead, he wore an Egonlab rainbow, sparkly jumpsuit that I’m pretty sure I had a replica of when I was seven.

.Shania Twain – Harris Reed – 4/10

Shania Twain wore a white blazer with large black dots, matching bell bottoms, and a matching spotted hat. She dyed her hair red for the occasion.
Speaking of Harry Styles, ever since Shania Twain ran her hand down his bare chest at Coachella, she’s been in a goofy mood. As if the public didn’t already know she was a country music star, she had to wear a cow print suit with bell bottoms to make sure it was cemented into our brains.

Anderson Paak – Gucci 8/10

Anderson Paak wore a floral suit with pink tinted glasses and a cabby cap.

Anderson Paak gave us the Gucci moment we deserved in his floral suit. Many thought the outfit was too tame for the Grammys, a show that is generally one step behind the Met Gala in avant-gardeness. However the green hat, pink sunglasses, silver necklace and chest tattoos poking out over his white undershirt all added to the absolute vibe of an outfit. While it was not Gucci’s most creative suit, the whole outfit put together perfectly matched the energy of Paak’s smile and the thumbs up he continuously gave the cameras.

Olivia Rodrigo – 5/10

Olivia Rodrigo wore a skin tight black, sheer dress with black undergarments and a black statement necklace.

Olivia Rodrigo, like Cardi B, wasn’t nominated for any Grammys but was announcing the award for Best New Artist. Normally, I believe that Rodrigo can do no wrong when it comes to style, but she opted for the mainstream look for the Grammys. Sheer has been seen on and off the runway prolifically for 2023, and Rodrigo’s dress was just a simple black dress that was entirely see-through. For someone who is usually so adept at styling for the occasion, Rodrigo kept it too simple.

H.E.R.- Bach Mai – 9/10

H.E.R. wore a black mini dress with a longer black sheet skirt underneath with a silver choker and black circular sunglasses.

H.E.R. heard that Y2K was coming back but had enough sense to give off the illusion of jeans underneath her dress, instead of actually her trusty blue jeans. I’m a big fan of the circular sunglasses and silver choker to complete the look.

DOMi & JD Beck – 10/10

DOMi wore a matching orange plaid blazer and skirt with blue plaid tights and undershirt. JD Beck wore a floral shirt underneath bright blue overalls.

After hearing that DOMi & JD Beck call their style of music, “disruptive jazz,” I knew I would be a fan. DOMi & JD Beck rocked this look, whether it was appropriate attire for the biggest music award show or not. In all seriousness, many of the major celebrities here took major risks under the name of major luxury brands. Seeing two people show up in an outfit that probably got a lot of hate, but an outfit that they support and feel comfortable in should be what fashion is all about. I also, in all seriousness, would wear either one of these outfits.

Lizzo – Dolce and Gabbana – 10/10

Lizzo wore a long orange silk dress with a corset and large orange opera coat covered in flowers.

Saving, what I believe is, the best for last. Despite at first glance it looking like Lizzo was peeking her head out of a bush on the red carpet, the intricate designs of her opera cape pulled her out of the forest. The look could have definitely crossed the line from avante-garde to outrageously overdone, but the orange complimented Lizzo. The dress was huge, which seemed perfect as she was at the Grammys winning awards for an album telling people that it’s okay to take up space. The attention to detail on each flower, jewelry, makeup and hair made the outfit more of a work of art than just a dress for an award show.

Post Author: Callie Hummel