The 1975 will headline the Edge Black Friday concert on Nov. 29. courtesy Pitchfork

“The Edge” radio station announces Black Friday concert

Blue October, The 1975, Wilderado, K. Flay, and Catfish and the Bottleman set to perform at BOK in November.

November may seem far away, with midterms, essays and several weeks of class with that guy that will not stop talking or standing in your way. But for those who plan to stay (or are stuck) on campus over Thanksgiving break, it cannot hurt to make plans now.

Anyone that has scanned through the radio stations in Tulsa has run into the local alternative station, 104.5 “The Edge.” As the only straight alt station in the area, The Edge often plans and promotes concerts, with one always landing near Thanksgiving. So instead of spending Black Friday getting trampled at Walmart or spending leftover student loan money on Amazon, one can purchase tickets for the Edge’s Black Friday concert.

Starting from the least-well-known, locally-founded band Wilderado comes home, returning to Tulsa with a sound similar to Death Cab for Cutie, but focusing more on the frontman’s stellar voice. Wilderado’s most recent single, “Surefire,” follows the trend of impactful, soulful lyrics sung with a solid, drum-and-bass-like instrumental, creating a yearning, nostalgic sensation, which describes most of their discography.

K.Flay follows next, acting as, perhaps, the deepest and darkest set of the night. With a penchant for a more anthem-like pounding in the drums, use of synthy lines to accentuate the occasional guitar and bass riffs, K.Flay has built a symphony that envelopes and heightens her unique and hypnotic style of singing and rapping, bringing something ethereal and surreal to the show. It is also her first time performing in Tulsa, something she shares with this next band, Catfish and the Bottlemen.

While the previous two acts emphasize a calm control and measured order in their work, Catfish and the Bottlemen run with a gambler’s grace. They have a more wild and triumphant tone compared to Wilderado, with quick tempos, slick drumwork, guitar solos and yet another unique voice that hints at the band’s English origins. The more nebulous characteristic the band has is their proficiency in creating a great concert ambiance. Their track lists always flow in a natural way, with slower songs used as expertly placed breaks in the set, letting the crowd get ready for another round of high octane music.

While the other acts were formed in the early 2010s, Blue October is a classic alternative band, with songs like “I Hope You’re Happy,” “Into the Ocean” and “Hate Me” bumping speakers and irritating parents for longer than most freshmen have been alive. They are simply a pillar of the genre.

Normally, a concert list is very lucky to have one of such pillars, but The Edge’s Black Friday concert has two. The second one? The 1975. Mellow, honest and relatable, The 1975 are the headliners of this year’s Edge Black Friday concert, bringing their mix of pop music with the often heavy themes of modern alternative music. Such a mix creates a beautiful moment of catharsis, acting as a mental reset for the listener and enkindling a sense of peace and rest that is certainly helpful as the Thanksgiving break marks the beginning of the end of the fall semester.

The concert is at the BOK center, under three miles west of campus, on Nov. 29, with ticket prices starting at $39 and the concert itself starting at 5:30 p.m. It promises to be a great show, with the Edge’s staff stating that the bands will be playing long sets. Not those twenty minute sets, but long sets. More info and access to tickets can be found on the Edge’s website:

Post Author: Adam Walsh