The Void announces … the Rorschach Press

I have a proposal for an alternative student newspaper of the University of Tulsa.

But before I get to that, I must tell you a bit about the article you are reading. As I write it, I have a certain interpretation of what I am getting at in this article.

But my impression of what I’m getting at actually doesn’t matter. What matters is your impression, O reader, of what I’m getting at. And that impression is informed by your unique life experiences and your unique and incommunicable feelings about those experiences.

In short, I have no control over the circumstances that determine my story’s legacy. I can attempt to guess what those circumstances are and adjust my writing accordingly (which is what every writer does). But I have no way of truly knowing how other people will experience my story.

Enter my proposal for an alternative student newspaper of the University of Tulsa. The newspaper is called The Rorschach Press. As its name suggests, the newspaper consists entirely of ink blots arranged on a page with no particular thought.

The reader can then transfer their various experiences and their various feelings about these experiences onto the inkblots and thus give the inkblots meaning. The main difference between The Rorschach Press and The Collegian would be that The Rorschach Press would free its readers of the illusion that what they are reading is anything more than their own interpretations.

Can you imagine what depths of symbolism the ink blots could convey without the shackles of deliberate meaning? The Rorschach Press would have too much content, not too little. Only the bravest would dare to probe the truths it would have to offer them, truths that they could not forget lightly.

The University of Tulsa deserves more voices in its student media. Those voices are the screaming subconsciouses of its thousands of students.

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