The Weekly Yak

I believe in the great belief that “We Should All Know Less About Each Other.” In my headcanon these two events are related: the restoration of Pat Case’s ice cream machine and the unfortunate image posted on TU’s community Snapchat story on Tuesday evening. It was a good week for those who aren’t interested in anything that happens on campus, especially for those who found out that their major is about to be cut or that they can finally be paid for the several Collegian articles they’ve written over the course of the semester (ahem). In the case of the comments that were taken to Yik Yak in response to the image, android users were spared this week, yet another thing they’re left out from in addition to having a decent phone. One thing’s for certain, though: everyone is struggling, and if you aren’t, it’s because you have a dog in your apartment and are completely responsible for the happiness of at least half the student body. Post more pictures of your pets, please and thank you.

It was a rough week for everyone but we made it through, and every class average has dropped in both grades and attendance. Anyways, here are the top 10 Yik Yak posts from this week. As always, we don’t include posts that were in the top 10 during the previous weeks or use posts in which much of the context is contained in a graphic. Identities (except for iconic figureheads of the campus) and curse words have been redacted:

“Academic advisors when you ask them to academically advise you (surprised reaction image)” – Tulsa

“I would rather be force fed Sol for the rest of my life than listen to a Ksig boy explain why the barbie movie was liberal propaganda” – Tulsa

“Dude posted his dookie on the 2026 story (skull emoji x3) this is worse than the lime scooter incident” – Tulsa

“… Don’t post pictures of [redacted] on the [redacted] TU story.” – Tulsa

“When people start getting up to leave before the teacher is finished speaking I try to look super interested so they know that somebody’s listening and cares” – Tulsa

“Dear football players if y’all are good teammates you will bully poop guy for this at practice tmr” – Tulsa

“Brady listens to lana confirmed” – Tulsa

“Anytime u see [redacted] on the football team remember his poop he posted #neverforget” – Tulsa

“Why does walking without a backpack feel like rawdogging campus” – Tulsa

“Business majors are definitely the smartest on this campus because they chose to be Business majors and I chose to suffer” – Tulsa

However, there were a few less crappy things posted this week. We’re all so chronically online:

“The lore of the TU 2026 story is my roman empire” – Tulsa

“Told my homie to fight his demons and he swung on his academic advisor” – Tulsa

“I always feel like I need to say bye to whatever group of friends I’ve been eavesdropping on while I eat in the ACAC” – Tulsa

“Guys life isn’t that bad just double your antidepressant (monkey covering eyes emoji)” – Tulsa


Do you want your Yaks to be featured next week on The Collegian? Be funny. Make Hannah laugh. That rarely happens.

Post Author: Hannah Moua